There hasn’t been much official word on any types of updates for the most popular phones that Samsung has sold in the last year, we’ve seen insane profits reported for the last quarter by Samsung and sales figures for the Galaxy S II and III seem pretty fantastic and the surprise hit the Galaxy Note is also selling well and a successor is to be announced at the end of this month, but we’ve only just seen them all being upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and no mention of Jelly Bean has been heard.

SamMobile is a site that concentrates on the Samsung side of the mobile industry and seems to have some pretty reliable insiders at Samsung who are advising that they have a timeline for the Jelly Bean update for these phones. Bear in mind that this is NOT official, these are only speculative dates and testing information :
Galaxy S II :
Jelly Bean is being tested, initial tests appear to be running well and due to the amount of sales on this handset they seem keen to get the update out. If there is any issues seen in test builds a ‘Value Pack’ similar to the ICS based Value Pack that was delivered to the original Galaxy S will be delivered to the Galaxy S II.
Expected Release : Galaxy S II – Q4

Galaxy S III :
Apparently the testing has gone well for the S III and Samsung is working on an update to be released, this is expected as the hardware is more than capable of running Jelly Bean and sales wise, Samsung would be insane not to release it.
Expected Release : Galaxy S III – End Q3 begin Q4

Galaxy Note :
Apparently tests for this are the same as the Galaxy S II, so testing fine but if issues occur a ‘Value Pack’ Could be delivered.
Expected Release : Galaxy Note – Q4

Galaxy Note II :
Set to launch on August 29 at IFA in Germany, apparently there is speculation on whether or not the Note II will be released with Jelly Bean or if it will be launched with ICS and an upgrade to Jelly Bean will be delivered a couple of months down the track.
Galaxy Note II – begin Q4

Tablet wise there is no information apparently, bear in mind that this is all speculative and based on ‘insider’ knowledge a lot happens between a technical acceptance of an update and a FOTA or delivery of an update via KIES, so sit back relax, enjoy your ICS and as soon as something official comes in we’ll let you know.

Source: SamMobile.
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Frank Benign

How about non-yakju Galaxy Nexus? It’s freaking ridiculous that the non-yakju phones got their 4.0.4 update 3 months later.


I hope JB does make it to SGS2. ICS release is buggy.


I’m already running Vanilla Jelly Bean 4.1.1 using Super Nexus on my Galaxy SII.
it runs SO SMOOTH. The launcher is plain so I used HoloLauncher but no lag has occurred as to what I have seen. I’m with Optus and have found that it’s been handling H+ connections better than Stock ICS OPS build. hopefully the Samsung build of Jelly Bean has very little to no issues . :]


I am aleady running CM10 X-treme on my sgs2 and it is great. battery life is excellent and no problems to date witb everything working as expected. Everyone should try it.

Toby Munro

I am always at a loss nowadays to all this stuff. Even if they do release it, it will be covered in Touchwix +- UX awfulness. Anyone game enough is already running CM10/AOKP, and anyone not game enough probably isn’t going to notice the difference between ICS and JB, or they are probably are still running éclair 😛


Yes and then once it’s released, we as Australians will have to wait months for it to actually reach our handsets!

David Porter

Thank God for XDA!


Yeah, but I’m trying to stay with stock for as long as possible with my s3. My s2 is a lil messed up now….