JB HiFi are now selling a phone from ZTE called the Urbane for $149. Whilst it’s nothing to rave about specs wise it is at least running Ice Cream Sandwich which is a huge plus especially in this end of the market and it also has a 4″ screen which isn’t too bad although I was hard pressed to find any specs on the screen resolution Edit : Screen resolution is 480×800 (WVGA)Thanks Alex.
Specs :

  • 1GHz CPU
  • 4″ Capacative Screen
  • 4GB memory with microSD Card Slot
  • 3 MP camera
  • Bluetooth 2
  • WiFi
  • FM Radio
  • 1600mAh
    • Talk Time – up to 240 minutes talk time
    • Standby time – up to 200 hours standby

ZTE has long been an OEM manufacturer for companies such as Telstra making handsets such as the Telstra Smart Touch 2 which they just released, the release of this handset could mark the start of their entry into the mainstream market in Australia. $149 is a decent price if you’re looking for something running ICS and from what I can see it should be a fairly vanilla version of Android as well. Check it out on the JB Hi-Fi website or head in-store to get your hands on one.

Source: ZTE.
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Can you get this phone for non-prepaid?


AND!! ZTE has 2GB listed under “overview” and 2.5GB listed under “details”

Daniel Tyson

For all these things I really could not guarantee anything except that a phone for this price definitely does NOT have 2GB or 2.5GB of RAM, ROM perhaps but RAM definitely not. For the Blue Tick, i`ll wait till it’s on Telstra’s site before adding that info as you yourself can see the disparity between specs and information on the ZTE site is pretty great, i’d rather wait till Telstra can confirm the specifications and update the post then.


Agreed…When i read “2.5 GB internal RAM” on the ZTE site I assumed they meant ROM (ie for OS etc) not processor RAM which I assume is somewhere along the lines of 500MB perhaps…..maybe that’s where the .5 comes from


Also…the ZTE site mentions it gets the Telstra blue tick for rural coverage but JB doesn’t have the blue tick logo on their site


ZTE site says 2.5 GB internal RAM and JB HiFi says 4GB and I can’t find it listed on the Telstra site…gotta love consistency…I wonder how vanilla this build of ICS will be…obviously it will have the usual Telstra fluff all over it but hopefully beyond that it will be pretty much stock…probly be a good phone if you were going to be happy with ICS forever and didn’t want to install any apps


They are coming, there is a bill board on a Melbourne freeway simply saying,think 4g think ZTE

Daniel Tyson

Any pics of phones on the billboard?


Screen resolution is 480×800 (WVGA)