For those of you who didn’t notice in the Experience Store opening post, or who might not have read it, there was a little bit of news in there that’s worth sharing separately – the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is available on sale from tomorrow morning, Thursday 23 August 2012.

The launch model will be the 16gb WiFi, and it will be available for $589. A 3G model was on display at the Experience Store tonight – in fact, I was using one in the photo above – and it will likely be available from $729, but that figure is yet to be 100% confirmed. At this price point, it’s a pretty attractive option, and it’s a damned smooth tablet to use.

One of the neat features is the Photoshop app included, which allows you to manipulate imagery using the small stylus, and its pressure sensitive, so not only can you manipulate images, but the Note 10.1 essentially operates as a wacom tablet as well – awesome!

If you can’t make it to the Experience Store to pick up a Note 10.1, they will also be available from JB HiFi and Harvey Norman closer to the end of the week at the same price.

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Still no sign in the major retailers?


Still there is no sightings of this tablet in JB Hifi and Harvey Norman. I’m hoping that tomorrow it will be in their stores.


Any sightings of Galaxy Note 10.1 in any local retailers such as JB Hifi?

Mohammad Danish

I’ve read some pretty bad reviews about this tablet quality wise, so I personally wouldn’t even think about buying this. Just my opinion.

We’re lining up a review unit so we can give it the Ausdroid examination. I must say, I’m not overly confident.


Nice to see android tablet prices are finally starting to drop down to the point where you’d actually buy one.


Are you kidding? Do you think the price for samsung tablet is drop down? I think only for Nexus 7.


Nexus 7 isn’t a samsung tablet….


I’ll have to look at getting one! 😀 and tomorrow is the 23rd of August just to correct the first paragraph 🙂