Last week, we noted that Android Central had received a tip that the Jellybean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III was coming as early as next (now, this) week. We also heard rumours that this same update would be coming to Telstra fairly soon, too.

It seems that Android Central were, at least with respect to Aussie carriers, a little off the mark with their prediction of this week, but at Samsung’s Unpacked event they’ve announced (more confirmed) the impending availability of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1. They say this will happen “very soon” — in mobile manufacturer terms, who knows how soon very soon is?

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That photo suggests that JB is coming to Galaxy Note too?

James Cranston

yeah, that photo is a Note and a Note 10.1. Home button is completely different on the s3(and the sticky note gives it away too)


What about the most underrated Samsung device, my galaxy tab 7.7? No Jb love?