Motorola and Intel will be holding an event on the 18th of September. Based on the ‘Edge-to-Edge’ slogan shown in the video below from the Motorola YouTube channel we should see something along the lines of the RAZR M, maybe even just the Intel powered version of the RAZR M.

The event will be live streamed on the Intel Newsroom Website or on Motorola’s European Facebook page so you can tune in and check it out, we’ll be following up with Motorola to see if whatever is announced will be released locally. What do you think? Intel powered RAZR M or something completely new?

Motorola & Intel: Let us take you to the edge :

Source: AndroidGuys.
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No doubt it will be about the Motorola Razr M with an Intel processor. I wonder which version is Australia is going to get? I’m pretty keen to get one but not the Intel version as it is still unproven technology.

Ian Tester

An Intel processor in a mobile device? No thanks. ARM is where it’s at.


At the end of the day, we are talking about Motorola. So for me, after they treated their Xoom Wi-Fi Only customers with regards to ICS Upgrade, the care factor is absolutely zero. They could bring out the bees knees of a smartphone and I still wouldn’t give them a second thought. I am pretty sure there are other annoyed customers who Motorola have lost for life.

Josh Buckley

You sir, are ignorant!