According to a tweet from the Google Nexus twitter feed overnight the $25 Play Store credit offered with the Nexus 7 when you purchase it will be discontinued as of the 30th of September. There is nothing said in regards to the other free content offered in Google Play Books or the Transformers : Dark Of The Moon movie that is also included with your purchase of a Nexus 7, nor the free Music and Magazines offered in the US. The $25 credit has a 1 year expiry on it so you will still have a year to spend the credit if you purchase now.

The $25 Play Store credit was a big motivator upon release of the device to people who wanted to start into the Android eco-system, $25 buys a lot of your basic paid apps and gives you a great deal of extra functionality so ending it is a big step for Google but it has to be pretty expensive to maintain considering the amount of Nexus 7s that seem to be selling just in Australia alone. So go grab one now the Play Store Devices section still has the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 7 in-stock with 3-5 Business day delivery estimates.

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M. Danish

My cousin just bought it today and still got the bonus $25 credit after registering a credit card to his account..

Melanie McAlister

I picked up the 16Gb at JB’s today (for $304.58) and I got the $25 credit which was a nice surprise as I was thinking it was only available if you bought through the Play Store. I’m hoping the credit either doesn’t expire or is generous as I’ve already bought most of my apps for other devices. Bring on Play Music for Aus.


Does the credit expire, as-in, I have a Nexus 7 – no thanks to Google – which has the credit, but I’ve not used it yet. I did log-in with a Google Account when I activated the tablet?


Question: if someone buys it from lets say JB Hifi, do I get the 25$ credit? i.e. is it universal for all Nexus 7s purchased? Or do you only get it if purchased from the Google Store?

Daniel Tyson

Yes, you do get the Play Store Credit if purchased from a Retail store (JB, Officeworks, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman etc).


The credit gets given to use once you sign in with the Nexus 7.