The Belarusian site that gave us our first clear pictures of the production sample of the purported LG Nexus 4 has now released a 360° view of the phone over at their website as well as a few sample photos from the phone, they’ve also promised a full review of the phone tomorrow so if you’re keen for the lowdown on this phone there should be some more information coming soon.
For now here are the sample shots :

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Christopher Salmon

One thing I’m not a fan of – having the headphone jack at the top of the device. The Galaxy Nexus has it at the bottom and is great for when your device is in your pocket or on a desk.

Daniel Tyson

I am so with you on this point, I hate the headphone jack at the top.

I’m thinking that the headphone jack on the bottom is a Samsung thing not a Nexus thing. The Nexus One had the headphone jack at the top and so does the HTC One Series and the LG E960(Nexus 4) has it at the top just like the LG L-Series.

Sam Cook

…it’s hard to put a definitive reasoning behind it. The Galaxy S had its headphone port on the bottom, same as the Nexus S which was based on it. But the Galaxy Nexus had the port on the bottom to, where as the Galaxy S II was on the top.

Whatever the reasoning, I’m definitely a bit supporter of a bottom headphone jack – as Christopher pointed out, it’s better for sliding your phone into your pocket; and there’s something messy looking about having your microUSB/charger plugged into the bottom, and headphones plugged into the top.

Alex Baldwin

The Galaxy S actually had the headphone port on the top, same as the GS2 and 3. However, the Galaxy S also had its USB port on the top.

Sam Cook

Yeah realised that I got my wires crossed shortly after posting that reply. I think the point is, that there doesn’t seem to be any consistency to placement.

Graham Bae

For me the reason for having the headphone jack on the bottom is simple: if I’m listening to something and I have my phone in my pocket, I want the headphone jack facing out, since I (and I think most people) put the phone in ‘top first’.


Depends on which pocket you put your phone in. In a shirt or jacket pocket, I put my phone in bottom first. But since I went Bluetooth, I no longer care about headphone jack placement.

Graham Bae

People put their phone in their shirt pocket? What a crazy world we live in!

David Scott

Personally I don’t care where the headphone jack is, but I want it to be on the same side as the usb port. My Galaxy S (i9000) has them both on the top and it works great. When I’m in my car I sit the phone upright in the center console with cables going from the top of the phone to the charger and stereo. Both cables on the bottom would work just as well, but one on each?