Yes! HTC’s epic 5-inch 1080p phone is alive and kicking in Japan and it’s going by the name J Butterfly. The team over at The Verge were lucky enough to get their hands on the device for a quick moment to take some photos.

In terms of specs, the display is Super LCD 3 (the One X was Super LCD 2, for comparison) with a resolution of 1920×1080 — that’s 440ppi — with no on-screen buttons. The CPU is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5GHz and Adreno 320 GPU. Android 4.1 is on board, with Sense UI also included (a killer for some users), as well as 2GB of RAM and an 8MP rear camera.

The device isn’t overly thick, measuring in at 9.1mm which is 0.3mm thinner than the rivaling Samsung Galaxy Note II.

HTC says that the device will be launching in Japan before the year’s end, and it will also be launching in foreign markets as well. Will that include Australia? It’s very likely, yes. All this beast of a phone needs is LTE and we’re almost set for a US, Europe and Australian launch at some point.

Has the J Butterfly piqued your interest? It has excited me for sure, but I’ll wait until I see further reviews before passing too much judgement.

(Ed: I find myself wondering if this phone is the 5″ mystery device we saw a while back. -C)

Source: The Verge.
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Geoff Fieldew

This looks nice. Real nice. Whether it has the performance and efficiency to go with it will be interesting to see.

Matt Stewart

HUZZAH! A HTC with 2GB RAM. Finally.


One person’s killer is another’s selling point. I love Sense and miss many of its features when I’m using stock. And seriously, if every company just used vanilla Android there wouldn’t be much separating all these phones. I love that they all do it differently, it just adds choice. And if you want stock, just root your phone and install it.


I’m sorry but I must disagree with you. Many manufacturers build Windows PC’s without the need to completely transform the OS. Why can’t Android manufacturers individualise their devices with Hardware and unique Apps (NOT bloatware!).
I love my SGS2…running CM10. Touchwiz is horrible!


I do see your point. But as in your case, you have the option to run a stock rom anyway so you’re not really losing out if you don’t like what the phone comes with. More options=better in my opinion.
But really my argument was against the editorialising in the article. Why make a point of some people disliking Sense when there are a great many users who love it too (as is evident by the number of Sense port requests for non HTC devices)


That’s a totally valid point and I completely agree with you; more choice is always better!
Perhaps it’s a little ignorant of me to think “everyone would prefer VANILLA android, if only they got to see it!”.
I also agree with your sentiment on the editorialising.
Great debate! ๐Ÿ™‚


Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tom Rubery

This is the news i have been waiting for, was waiting to see if this was rumour or truth. If fake i was going to get the note 2 but dam with a 1080P screen this thing will be nice.

vijay alapati

this is a CDMA version… not for a’US’tralia
hope a gsm version comes out with removable battery

David Anderton


David Anderton

I think in the interest of fair reporting you guys need to write on every Samsung phone that is not vanilla that Touchiwiz is a “killer for some users”

Buzz Moody

I’d love to. Skins annoy me. Some are more terrible than others.

TouchWiz = Too Cartoonish
Sense UI = Memory hog, no multitasking
LG’s thing = What even is this
Motorola = Stop. Just stop. Use Stock
Huawei = Stop using that 3D shell thing.

Is that all of them that matter?

Kieran Mayer

What’s wrong with LG’s?

David Anderton

yeh I would actually Say LG’s more recent phones have the most Vanilla-like UI


Personally, I don’t mind skins, they make each phone unique. That’s the reason why I was “meh” on the iphone 5. iOS 6 looks the same since forever.

David Anderton

nope you forgot Sony’s memory hog


Motorola has listened to you. I got the new Razr HD (after using Xperia S for about 5 months) and it’s almost barebones. Very slight skinning but it’s almost stock. It’s Helstra exclusive so it has… wait for it… a grand total of 1 carrier app that you can’t uninstall and that doesn’t even force start itself constantly. Heck it doesn’t even run in the background all the time. I’m not even using the phone with Helstra anyway (on Vodafail atm) and everything seems to be working perfectly fine (enjoying the empty 3G+ network atm). I was astonished to see… Read more ยป

Nick Bellios

To many phones are being released at once and it’s making my head spin! *goes and stamps on his wives iphone*


How many wives have you got???

Nick Bellios

Corrected. Damn auto correct! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brian Hislop

Sigh … I wish all the rumours that this was going to be a Nexus device would come back!


Same! I keep holding my breath for a multiple-manufacturer Nexus programme. Maybe that Sony Nexus will come true? Or another Samsung? Though the LG does look quite nice.


Wholy crap! I was almost set for the GN2. If this is a Nexus device, I’m SOLD!


Nice! Will definitely pick this up if LTE band 3 is offered!