While we wait for an official release date for the Asus Padfone 2 here in Australia, other regions around the world have already started shipping the phone/tablet combo.

MobiCity has now started taking pre-orders for the Padfone 2, with stock expected on the 1st of November. Only the black model is available at the moment, and while it’s compatible with all Australian 3G networks, MobiCity specifically lists ‘No’ for Telstra/Optus 4G.

If you’re considering purchasing one of these, head over to MobiCity’s Padfone 2 page, where it’s available to pre-order for $949 + shipping of around $19, although you had better hurry as they have ~30 units in their first batch.

The Asus Padfone 2 is expected to launch officially in Australia around the end of Q1 2013.

Source: MobiCity.
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Spewing I just bought galaxy note 2 today and found out about this combo tonight. Check out better price where I got my phone.

Jason Keenan

Just under $1000 and only 16GB is rediculous. Maybe if the phone had 16GB and the tablet had 16GB onboard as well where you could store movies or whatever then that’d be fine but only 16GB between them with no expansion is just crazy for the price.

Haven’t heard back from them yet, will post if it is actually bigger than 16GB.


Pre order page indicates the padfone 2 has a Micro SD expansion slot by providing the option to buy extra memory.
Padfone 2 does not have micro SD expansion slot.
Also this model is 16gb


16gb only, no memory expansion… that’s stupidly ridiculous for that price, no1 in their right mind will buy it.

Jason Keenan

I noticed that the MobiCity website didn’t say whether this was a 16, 32 or 64 GB model in either the specifications or the overview. I asked in the online chat but they couldn’t answer the question and had to create a ticket to ask the warehouse staff.

I should receive an email from the online helper once they receive a reply and I will post the answer on here.


No 4G LTE OPTUS ? Your kidding, no one will commit to a 2 year contrAct on a phone in 2012 on a 3G phone.


This is for outright purchase, no contract involved. And why not? 4G is a minor additional extra for me. It’s not like I’m downloading anything significantly large on my phone.


4g is a gimmick. Sure its nice to show off how fast your connection speed is but Ive never once had the need to dowload massive files over data or never needed them in that much of a hurry. I cant imagine too many people go and stream hd movies on the go either. The data plan to accommodate that would cost a small fortune.