Further to the Support page I found had gone live yesterday I was just playing around on the page and found the manuals are now up there, if you click the ‘Show All’ button the PDF Quick Start guides for the 8GB and 16GB models are now downloadable. The quickstart guide has mention of an induction coil and a warning regarding using a wireless charger so it appears that the wireless charging rumour is correct :

You can download the manual for the 8GB or 16GB however they appear to be the same manual. Head on over to the Support page and check it out.

Update : We’ve mirrored the PDF here just in case LG take them down.

Source: LG.
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David Anderton

i’m seriously thinking that all these leaks are deliberate to put us off the track of the real nexus….


well atleast its pretty much confirmed that there is a 16gb model now.

i would of had to look else where with a 8gb model


Are LG retarded? So. Many. Leaks.


Pretty awesome that it’ll have wireless charging, I’ve always wanted to try it out


Guys, if you are referencing something please put a direct link in future.
Also when did google change the standard nexus design, no headphones at the bottom, no pogo pins no nexus?

Daniel Tyson

My Apologies, there was a link but Word Press ate it and didn’t display it correctly. The link is now active, go to the source page and click on the Show All radio button and the PDF links appear.


Thank very much for the link. No pogo, at least it has a LED.

Jason Murray

I might have not noticed this mentioned anywhere before now, but that diagram says “SlimPort” on the USB port.

“SlimPort” seems to be DisplayPort-related tech for connecting to a TV or projector…

Is this new or is it just MHL warmed-over?