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It appears that a few of HTC’s One X variants have started receiving the eagerly awaited Android Jelly Bean OTA update in Asia, as was announced by HTC North Asia General Manager Jack Tong yesterday.

The update, weighing in around 350MB, brings Android 4.1.1 (still not the latest 4.1.2) and of course an update to HTC’s own launcher and framework, HTC Sense.

Initial reports over at XDA are positive, with performance increases in the UI quite apparent. There are also a few new features in the Sense components, such as an updated keyboard and tweaked notification pull down screen.

As is often the case with Australian carriers, we’ll be waiting somewhat longer to get the update, but of course we’ll no doubt see custom ROMs based on this build appearing on XDA pretty soon.

Source: XDAGSM Arena.
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I have still not received any Jelly Bean update. According to the reports, its already released in Asia and Europe but I do not see any sign of Jelly Bean on HTC One X. Really disappointing from HTC since Samsung Galaxy SIII users here in Norway are already flashing their phone with JB.

When are we going to get an update on One X……


If you’re on contract with a telco, blame the telco not HTC. The telcos need to carry out “testing” prior to granting the release of a firmware upgrade to phones sold under contract on their network.

To get timely updates always go for a Nexus device, you will get updates directly from Google and won’t have to endure telco testing.

Branden Aye Tremblay

i only just got 4.04 and sense 4.1 and now jellybean is out for the one x. i reckon by at least maybe February we might get jb from most carriers.


I have generic Australian blue tick unlocked One X and I received 4.0.4 + sense 4.1 update only today so I guess for JB still have to wait for a while…