Google has released the latest platform distribution figures for Android and it shows that the trends we saw last month are continuing. The number of devices running the Eclair, FroYo and Gingerbread versions of Android are slowly decreasing whilst devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean are increasing their market share. Gingerbread still remains the most popular at just over 54% of the market whilst Ice Cream Sandwich is on over a quarter of devices.

With the sales of Nexus 7 tablets increasing month over month and storage capacity of the Nexus 7 tablet being increased as well as receiving a price drop, a forthcoming release of new Nexus devices running Jelly Bean later this month, coupled with what seems to be an imminent release of Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One Series and a spike in the number of devices running Jelly Bean should show next month.

Perhaps the strangest thing I can see from the statistics shown is that devices running Donut have actually increased by 0.1%, extrapolating from a base of 500 Million Devices that would mean that 50,000 devices more than last month are now running Android 1.6 and with no decrease in market share from Cupcake I can’t think of where these devices would be coming from. What are your thoughts on the device statistics?

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David Anderton

Probably gonna reinstall gingerbread on my incredible s. HTC did a shit job with ics, buggy as!

Luke Pocock

The reason for Donut could be because of this statement “Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period”. Obviously there must more devices then in these stats but never have accessed Google Play in that 14 days period. But I aggree with MathGeek that it could be a rounding


So all those Jelly Bean toting users are on the Galaxy Note 2?



Greg McPherson

Those old Donut phones… cheap Motorola and LG teen phones… must surely be falling apart now.


its pointless looking at these charts because a lot of the cheaper handsets still come with older versions of android. And the cheaper handsets make up a good portion of the sales of android.


That, or it’s just rounded to 1 decimal place. So last month there might have been 0.24% and this month there is 0.25%. The rounding would result in 0.1% change.


or maybe assume that donut is constant and more gingerbread customers are now rocking ICS instead?