We first saw the HTC One X+ back at the beginning of last month when it was announced globally. At the time we approached HTC about an Australian launch and were advised that “The HTC One X + was announced globally on 3 October 2012. However, HTC cannot comment on unreleased products in the Australian market.“. The phone showed up briefly on the HTC Australia webpage before being removed and now it appears HTC has now made the decision regarding a release of the HTC One X+ for Australia and the news is not good, we will not be getting the phone here. HTC has replied to a question from Rami on their Facebook page :

We will certainly be following up with HTC Australia to see if there is any further reasoning behind the decision that they are willing to share, but at this stage if you were looking at the HTC One X+ as your next phone you may need to look through importers such as Mobicity who are selling the device for $699 plus delivery with stock expected around the 12th of November.

Thanks: Colin.
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Dolan pls

Greg McPherson

Well, I do feel like it’s time to move on from the One X. It’s the 2012 phone.
Approaching the time for their next thing. For the Butterfly/DNA phones.

The second sentence… “HTC works very closely with the service providers to determine compatibility with the devices being released.” Why was that thrown in? What are they implying? That the One X+ has problems on our networks?


Stupid PR crap.

Martin Dolan

Lets hope they are not releasing it here because its only a slight bump in specs from what we already have. I am hopeing that it is not comming here because we are getting the HTC Butterfly/HTC Droid DNA 5″ … and if not, I may just go for the Nexus 4 which will be comparible to this at nearly half the price.. I feel like a bit of a traitor getting a non HTC phone, but there is not much point going from a One X to a One X+ Also, the phone manufacturers and sellers (telstra, optus etc)… Read more »


This is in line with HTC’s policy of alienating as many people as possible as they slowly go out of business. Really it’s hard to get enthusiastic about a One X+ because, don’t worry, in a couple of months there will be a One X++ or a One XX. HTC are still releasing sooooo many models it’s confusing, frustrating and more than a little self defeating. They never sell enough of a single handset nowadays to get really solid support from the customizing community plus it seems pretty hit and miss as to whether your handset is going to get… Read more »


I see your point, but they kinda need to. I never hear the One X mentioned in the same breath as the SGS3 anymore, yet it is, in my opinion, the superior phone. The SGS has a slight edge on specifications, but on user experience, build quality and design, the One X absolutely destroys it.

HTC feel like they have to rerelease the product so that people might actually start thinking of their flagship as level with Samsung’s, because, really – very few people do.


Too bad HTC battery life is horrible. They are going downhill

senhor roo

I was excited to finally see an HTC phone with a decent battery size.

HTC has just made my next phone purchase decision for me and I’m disappointed as i really like HTC, build, look and feel and I even like sense.


I actually don’t see the problem. My One X will last at least an entire day (I’m using a custom sense-based ROM), and with medium use can last two days. I could get the same results on my Desire HD, though not quite as easily.


Absolutely agree with you, i’m using the One X and my wife is having the S3, HTC needs to do more marketing.