Users of our Forums will note that in the last couple of days they were taken off-line. Why? In short, the software running them had reached an age – and a vulnerability – whereby the forums were almost completely overrun by spambots, and virtually destroyed.

We’ve had an internal discussion about what to do with the forums – the previous ones are virtually irretrievable – and we’re somewhat undecided. Some of us think the forums could probably go, because there’s quality offerings in the form of XDA Developers and Whirlpool available to people who want to chat. Others think that Ausdroid’s forums were (and would be) popular, and that we should make an effort to revitalise them.

We want your say, because after all, you’re the ones who use them most. So, please complete our poll so we can guage the interest our readers have in keeping the Ausdroid forums alive.

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    Peter Graham

    As one of the forum mods over the last couple of weeks it became a daily job deleting spam bots and their posts .. but aside from that issue I think the forums are a really good part of Ausdroid and obviously they need a bit more of a push from the admins on the mainpage. I would also suggest either upgrading the software to avoid all the spam bots or make it so that new members are only approved by mods and admins .. that would keep a lot of the riff raff out. So yeah, I’d like to… Read more ยป

    Stephen Reeves

    Yeah, I just had to say, that I prefer the Whirlpool forums for this subject, and I can see I’m not alone. I do use Ausdroid as my main source of (Australian) Android news though.


    I rarely go anywhere apart from Whirlpool or XDA for my Android forum needs. WP is already Australian based and has much higher participation than the Ausdroid forums.

    Why don’t you focus on the IRC chat instead? You could have chat hangouts during launches and events.


    Hang out on IRC all the time and usually there’s just me and ‘PryMaL’ doing nothing much in there.

    Phil Tann

    I just leave my VPS logged into IRC.

    Greg McPherson

    Get a good healthy commenting culture going on the site’s posts. That’s where the action is.

    David Clarke

    Piss them off, concentrate on other stuff. Between And Auth, And Central and XDA, why duplicate stuff here? Site is great, put your effort into that =]

    David Clarke

    Oh yeah, don’t forget Whirlpool too!


    The one thing I liked about the forum was the buy/sell – because WP does not allow it, otherwise everything else can be on WP

    David Clarke

    A dedicated Marketplace could be handy.. Agree


    Perhaps the time and effort that went into into maintaining the forums could go into ensuring podcasts / vodcasts / etc are available for download / later viewing sooner than is currently the case. I love the show y’all make, but can never listen live, due to real life stuff. #justsaying

    Love the site guys!


    It seems that most people didn’t use the forums simply because they didn’t know they were there (myself included) I think you should make a new forum as this will strengthen your community. I know lots of people that would like an Australian site dedicated to getting help with ROMS specific to Telstra and Optus.


    Whirlpool already offers that with a much larger user base than Ausdroid…

    Evan Whiteside

    I agree with Stinky (ha)
    The forums weren’t really made known to most users.

    XDA doesn’t help casual Australian users find out information about our locally compatible roms very easily.

    Whirlpool doesn’t allow sales.

    If you turned the forums into more of a discussion/marketplace. With more relevance to your articles and maybe some other features, such as getting some android developers on to answer questions etc. It would be a real site feature.


    (e) – i had no idea there was a forum

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    A lot of people didn’t.