Have you ever wanted to see where and how Telstra tests all their devices before they’re brought to market? Well, even if you don’t, it’s super short and interesting. Each device is tested by Telstra before being announced and brought to market, so if it fails the tests they throw at it, then it’s not worth selling to consumers.

Telstra said in their blog post that each 3G device goes through 4000 tests before being accepted. These tests include GPS location tests to ensure the GPS gives an accurate location at all times when moving (this helps for turn-by-turn navigation, of course). They also test their apps, such as Foxtel, on each device to ensure they work at a satisfactory standard. Considering the shoddy quality we’ve seen on Foxtel Mobile lately, the standards might need a review.

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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F’n hilarious. So Telstra has more $ than a Samsung or Apple to test devices do they? I’m going to piss my pants laughing, what a joke. Tell you what Telstra sack all those clowns and I’ll do all their jobs for 1/8th of the price hahahahaha. Telstra listen up, YOU NEED TO BE TESTING YOUR NETWORK, because it’s becoming slower and slower with the constant congestion increases on a daily basis. Ausdroid please in future stop posting these market smoke and mirrors crap from Telstra!