If you’re a Nexus 4 owner who’s been waiting for accessories like most of the Ausdroid team, you’re in luck.

Our friends at Gadgets 4 Geeks have been testing a number of Qi wireless chargers with their Nexus 4 and after a few weeks of testing and teasing, they’ve found a suitable device – it doesn’t suffer from the intermittent charging issues we’ve heard about, and it has a matte surface so the Nexus 4’s glass back doesn’t slide off.

The charger has just gone on sale for $55, with estimated delivery just before Christmas. As a bonus, Gadgets4Geeks is offering a free Ultra Thin Matte Nexus 4 cover with preorders – avaialble in black, white, dark blue, light blue or red – and free Express Post shipping. This is one of the first commercially-available Qi-compatible chargers in Australia.

Ausdroid readers can also take advantage of an extra special – if you buy 2 or more chargers you’ll get 10% off if you use the discount code “G4GAUSDROID“. This is also good for 10% off any order on the site over $70.

Stock is limited – the next shipment won’t be available until mid-January. A few late-night Ausdroiders have already placed their order. We’d also like to thank to Yianni from Gadgets4Geeks for putting up with our incessant enquiries.

Will you be buying a wireless charger for your Nexus 4? Are you happy to buy third-party chargers or are you holding out for “the orb”? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gadgets4Geeks.
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These kind of charging is good specially in Coffee shop. Qi wireless charger for Iphone is also available in Amazon Store and look for CHOETECH.

Dennis Bareis

I have a rugged non-metallic case (plastic & rubber) that probably raises the phone about 4-5 mm. Anyone know if that would be a problem with this charger (I believe the standard allows for a bigger gap)?


How hard would it be to cover the 2 leds? Are they on the bottom?


My wireless charger arrived! Works great up to around 87% charge, then it starts turning off and on, so the battery never gets charged any higher. Is this intended? http://i.imgur.com/Tg2ja.png

Taufiq Khan

I’ve been using the Energiser Qi individual charger. It works well enough… Not as quick as a wired charge, but still cool to have at the work desk. Annoyingly though, the glass on glass means that the Nexus 4 has a tendency to slowly slide off. Still waiting on my phone skin from Amazon for some grip


We found sliding on a few we tested. This one that we chose to stock has a matte finish and isn’t tapered, so no sliding 🙂


I have the WCP 700, yes it’s good.

David Anderton

What im excited about is wireless chargers built into car docks. I dont mind plugging my phone in next to my bed, actually I prefer it because i can pick up my phone and use it while its charging. In my car thats different. I want to me able to quickly chuck it in a cradle that charges it and puts it in car mode!

Andrew Palozzo

I ended up buying one as a present 😛 but yeah, i’m in your bucket. Don’t see the point of this too much.. but the idea of a car dock sounds great…

Also I like JBL’s offering of a speaker dock with nfc and charging… that sounds pretty balling to me.. but a lil $$ at the moment.

Andrew Palozzo

Only thing that annoys me is the free case is counter intuitive… It will prevent wireless charging wont it?
Do bumpers even work?

David Anderton

If its thin enough and not made of metal it should be fine

Jason Murray

The case is thin enough that it doesn’t stop it charging. I don’t see why a bumper would either as it doesn’t obscure the back of the phone.

Daniel Tyson

I have the bumper, got it yesterday but sorry to say I’m not going to be intentionally testing it out unless someone else is willing to donate their Nexus 4 for the purpose of testing.


Don’t worry, we tested all our cases and they work without any issues.