Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia Z comes with a number of really neat new features, such as the Bravia Engine 2 for killer displays, its Exmor RS camera technology, and its Battery Stamina feature. But all these proprietary technologies come with a price. Sony’s Xperia product marketing manager, Stephen Sneedon, recently told CNet that they are trying to build a product range that is uniquely Sony, and that if it is not possible for entry-level devices to have this ‘Sonyness’ while still maintaining an affordable price point, they may leave entry-level phones to another manufacturer. Sony do not have plans to reduce their product line down to one high-end phone, instead saying (rightly) that customers may not want the flagship phone for whatever reason, but that they may be attracted to some of its features. The Xperia ZL is a good example of this, maintaining the high-quality camera, 5″ 1080p Bravia 2 screen and quad-core processor; but with a different body design and coming at a cheaper price point.

Last year Sony decided to phase out feature phones and instead focus solely on smartphones, so it will be interesting to see how this further reduction works out for Sony, whose market share in the first quarter of last year was only 3.6%. Sony can undoubtedly build some excellent phones, and the Xperia Z and ZL are no exception. I’d like to see Sony do well, as its displays and cameras are usually excellent

Source: Cnet.
Via: Android Authority.
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Sean Royce

Good, I’m sick of seeing sub par Android phones


i’ve experiences sonyness on phones before and it isn’t always a good thing. being so specific will limit their already microscopic market share.


It doesnt hurt apple.

Would be good if they want to be a premium android manufacturer. Androids really lacking in terms of good quality handsets. There really isnt an awful lot android that can match apple and nokias build and feel.


definitely not my experience with my sony phone, which i had to send off to be repaired after a minor knock. in my experience, there are plenty of well built handsets and a lot of really terrible ROMs and customised/imposed software.