Yet another reason to bemoan the lack of Nexus 4s in Australia — Android Community are reporting that brand new Nexus 4s in Brazil and Malaysia are coming out with an unannounced version of Jelly Bean — 4.2.2. There are no details as yet about what this mystery update entails, but word is that the extra 0.0.1 brings bug fixes. Tasty, tasty bug fixes that are sorely needed on Android 4.2.

The build numbers on the phones are appended with ‘dev-keys’, so it’s likely that they were developer models before they were sent out. I love new versions of Android, and 4.2 is desperately in need of some bug fixes, so bring on the update, Google! Also, while you’re there, it’d be nice if you started selling the Nexus 4 again.

Source: Android Community.
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David Anderton

Should be receiving my N4 by this weekend… I ordered it Dec 4. If I don’t have a good experience with this phone I may considered trying Windows for my next purchase. Have been a supporter of Android since the beginning, but Googles current activities (limiting storage to push cloud services, screwing the pooch on the N4 launch and the dodgy search adds) has seen my support wane, not to mention HTC completing failig to support my current phone (Incredible S)


Geez Google ballsed everything up with both Android 4.2 (buggy as hell) and Nexus 4 (ridiculous supply issues). Everything was peachy until 4.1… each new release got better, each new Nexus phone got better, what the hell went wrong?

Android 4.2 was the first Android update I’ve actually delayed upgrading to.

If the next Android major version and next Nexus phone continue this trend, I’ll be seriously looking at alternatives.

For now, my Galaxy Nexus and AOKP will keep me happy.. but if the iPhone 5s/6 has the customisation of Android and a bigger screen, I’m outta here…


it took em 5 years to up the screen size on the iphone, the iPhone 5S won’t have anything but a 4″ screen. The 6….maybe. and customisation? on an iPhone? i don’t even understand your question, it doesn’t make any sense.

Andrew Palozzo

You know what devices needs to be updated pronto.. The Nexus 10. That device randomly reboots multiple times a day and it’s well documented all over the internet.

Mine and my gf’s nexus 4’s conversely are very stable imo.

James Finnigan

Here’s hoping that 4.2.2 brings bug fixes for all the devices.