The closer we get to Mobile World Congress which is happening next month, the more and more leaks of devices and software we’re seeing. This time around we’ve got screen shots of HTC Sense 5 running on the Droid DNA. The software itself was ported over from the soon-to-be-announced HTC M7, and gives us a glimpse of what we’re going to see running on it.

As you can see above (and in the shots below), HTC have completely redesigned their app icons with a more colour than we’ve previously seen, and more playful and cartoon-ish than the realistic kind of icons HTC have used before. We can also expect to see most of the apps being redesigned from the ground up to give a more complete, polished feel to the OS.

What do you guys think of it? It’s certainly not stock Android, but if it’s more lightweight than what Sense currently is, then HTC just might be onto something.. maybe.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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I was surprised how different my phone looked after the update, but after a momentary hesitation I’ve come to love it. So much smarter and more logical than the mess before. I was tempted to get a windows phone before as their design is second to none. But I will wait a bit longer now


Moan…Moan…Moan….i dont mind saying im a fan of HTC qualified by the fact that i have owned several different brands over the years, apart from the fact that Sense isn’t everbodys cup of tea (look outside the box for petes sate..install Next,Nova might be an idea) HTC builds a solid device…a recent survey found that over 50% of Samsung Galaxy owners were dissatisfied with Samsungs build quality…lets just see what HTC come up with shall we mmmmmmmm.

John McDougall

when they release flagship phones like the htc veolcity that can’t last half a day, even with 4G and 3G shut off, the brightness right down and anything else you can cripple a smart phone with. Then have htc tell you thats the best rom their going to provide but thanks for buying htc. changing the bloat that is sense should hardly be their priority. I foresee their race to the bottom of the smartphone market will be quicker than nokia.


Is it just me, or does it look like Gingerbread? Particularly the status bar. Not really a fan to be honest.

Hopefully the phone is good.

Tom Rubery

Love it, more competition the better


i love it! hope HTC could come back strong to the market


It looks like Sony Timescape.