The long awaited LG Optimus G will launch on the 13th of March in Sydney according to the Save the date invite we just received. After seeing the Optimus G first in December when LG was launching the Nexus 4 it will be great to finally get some extended hands-on time with the Optimus G. The guts of the Optimus G are what powers the Nexus 4 and it will be great to see exactly what a Nexus 4 with LTE could actually be like.

Remember the phone will be a Telstra exclusive so we’re hoping that Telstra will be on hand to provide all the details on pricing and plans to go alongside with the launch, which if all goes well should see the phone on-sale in Telstra stores the same day.

Optimus G Save The Date

We’ll be there at the event and bringing you the details as quickly as possible. Let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered. Personally, my main concern is the Miracast adapter that LG used to show off the functionality back in December but like all phone launches I want to know about all the accessories as I find the lack of these at launch to be very disturbing.

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I wonder if it will launch with 4.1 at least… There really isn’t an excuse to launch with ICS on a flagship this year.

Daniel Tyson

Last update we got from LG said it would launch with Android 4.1