HTC has sent out invitations to an event to be held next Thursday Night in Sydney where invitees will be able to ‘explore HTC’s newest and most anticipated device’. The launch event timing co-incides nicely with a dual event to be held by HTC on the 19th of February in New York and London which is widely expected to see the launch of the rumoured M7 Handset.

The M7 which is likely to have a 4.7″ full HD 1080P screen has been leaked a variety of times in different bodies the latest of which was seen on the @evleaks twitter account :
The M7 has been rumoured to be the first phone to carry what has been dubbed the ‘Ultrapixel’ camera which is supposedly a configuration of three 4.3MP sensors in a layer setup, which will effectively capture a nearly 13MP shot. The M7 is also widely believed to be the first in the HTC line to launch with the new Sense 5 version of Android which we believe we’ve already seen some screenshots of.

Ausdroid will be there next Thursday night and will be happy to bring you all the local information on the launch, so get ready for the next big thing from HTC, we hope it will be awesome.

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senhor r

The advertising hoardings for the Real Madrid vs mu Champions League match this morning all had “HTC ONE” Plastered on them (well as plastered as electrons can be on the modern day moving picture boards. It’s probably fair to say that the Name is out of the bag.

Silly thing about the marketing is that there is no lineage in replacement phones – Samsung Galaxy and iDevice have a numbering system – makes it easy to know what phone comes next and to upgrade to – people like that and the continuity.

senhor r

Someone on the M7 Thread on whirlpool just posted this (It’s behind a firewall here so i can;t see it but I’m assuming it’s working.


19th for HTC, 20th for Sony Xperia Z…Oh boy…decisions decisions

Sean Royce

Only time can tell what HTC really has up it’s sleeve.



Sean Royce

Awesome speaker look at the top and bottom. At least their taking advantage of the empty space on the top and bottom of the screen.