Asus Nexus 7 Desktop Dock
The Nexus 7 Dock has long been the Unicorn accessory for one of, if not the most popular Android tablet ever and according to one sharp eyed Ausdroid reader the dock has started appearing in Harvey Norman and the Good Guys stores. Asus advised us last month that the retail price on the dock is expected to be $49 and was going to be going to Betta Electrical and the Good Guys but it appears that Harvey Norman has also jumped on board.

I also spoke with staff at my local Good Guys this afternoon here in Canberra and they advised that they didn’t have them as yet but the order was definitely in the system and they were expecting stock any day now, so I would recommend speaking with your local outlet. I will definitely be heading to my local Harvey Norman tomorrow to check out the stock situation there.

Update : Avon has advised that Harvey Norman had the dock for $49 and was in-stock at the Rockhampton and Chirnside Park stores along with a couple of other stores across the country, while The Good Guys had it for $47 with stock looking at around 2-3 units per store across Victoria.

Let us know in the comments if you manage to track one down and where you got it from.

Thanks: Avon.
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Shane Murphy

Got one at Good Guys in Joondalup (perth) western Australia. They had about 3 in stock, reckoned they got them on Friday. Was $47. The sales guy thought it had a speaker in the dock though, because it quite prominently says onthe front cover “Speaker” with a little speaker icon


I’ve had one for a few weeks. Scored it from the first batch of international stock which sold out almost immediately.

Avon Perera

Hi Daniel, not sure if my email worked. HN has it for $49, Good Guys for $47. HN had stock in about 4-5 stores nationally, GG had about 2-3 items per store in Vic

Avon Perera

Emailed you back with more details. HN had it listed at $49, Good Guys at $47. HN only had stock in about 4-5 stores nationally, whereas Good Guys had about 2-3 items per store in Vic.