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LG has already released details on some of the things that we’ll see at Mobile World Congress later this month, promising a closer look at their L-Series II line, but they’ve also released a teaser video which could possibly contain clues as to other products they may show off.

The video titled ‘Closer to Barcelona’ starts with the date February 25th pointing to their event at MWC and the tagline ‘You can TAG what you want’. The video then goes on to highlight four more phrases each one highlighting a letter (L, F, V and G) :

  • The StyLe
  • The Freedom
  • The View
  • The Greatness

Before ending with ‘Tag and Stand Apart from Others’ – ‘See The Difference Right Here In Barcelona’. The video then closes out on a wide shot of Europe centred at Barcelona before cutting to a link to their Facebook page.

The other interesting tidbit in the video, is the inclusion of a QR Code which links to the LG MWC Android app which is available now on Google Play. The app description promises ‘the latest information of LG’s new mobile devices at Mobile World Congress 2013’. The app has links to photos, video and news, most of which will be updated on the 25th of February.

So, looks like LG is hinting something about Tagging. What do you think? Some sort of facial recognition software? Perhaps an attempt at an Android powered camera? Shout out in the comments and let us know after you watch the video.

Source: LG Youtube.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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