Jelly Bean
Well, it’s been over three months but Google has finally gotten around to releasing the official Android 4.2 Changelog, listing everything that was changed in the 4.1-4.2 update. The tweet announcing the list, came through this morning from Hugo Barra, VP, Android Product Management at Google and links to the website.

The Changelog shows an alphabetical list of all updates from Accessibility features including the Triple-Tap magnifications and Talkback screenreader through to Widgets. There is also a changelog on Googel Experience on Android which details updates to the stock Android Apps including a list of Google Now Cards – Spoiler: Most of them don’t work in Australia.

It’s a pretty big list and for the most part at the moment is only useful to owners of later model Nexus devices or people running Android 4.2 based ROMs, at least until the OEMs get their acts together and start rolling out the 4.2 updates. Check it out now on

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    Finally got 4.2.2 on my nexus 4 this morning. they are not fast but it is so nice to know you are not just up to date with features but bug fixes happen as they should and not ignored like Samsung does.

    Sean Royce

    Samsung don’t ignore bug fixes and updates. Check Sammobile and you’ll always see beta versions of their updates.