March - Android figures
It’s a new month and that means it’s time for the Google Developers Dashboard to update with the figures on what versions of Android have been accessing Google Play within a 14-day period that ended on the 4th of March. So, what do we see this month?

The only version of Android showing growth this month is Jelly Bean with devices running Android 4.1 climbing to 14.9% and 4.2 gaining 0.2% to reach 1.6% making Jelly Bean now on 16.5% of devices running Android. The rest of the versions showed that they are slowly falling :

Android Version February March
1.6 (Donut) 0.2% 0.2%
2.1(Eclair) 2.2% 1.9%
2.3-2.3.2(Gingerbread) 0.2% 0.2%
2.3.3-2.3.7(Gingerbread) 45.4% 44%
3.1(HoneyComb) 0.3% 0.3%
3.2(HoneyComb) 1.0% 0.9%
4.0.3-4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich) 29.0% 28.6%
4.1(Jelly Bean) 12.2% 14.9%
4.2(Jelly Bean) 1.4% 1.6%

Gingerbread is still the most dominant platform after being on the market for 2 years, which means that devices running that version of the OS are more than ready to be upgraded – Unless they’re Canadian with their 3 year contracts – so we should hopefully see the newer devices running Android 4.0 or greater getting more and more traction as the year progresses.

Source: Developer Dashboard.
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    I have a HTC Dream running Android 1.1 and it works fine. I also have a Sharp 903. Both way ahead of their time.

    Sean Royce

    How are there people out there still using Donut hahaha!

    Daniel Tyson

    Geoff and I religiously turn our HTC Dream on every month a week before the end of the month ;)(Now I have 2 HTC Dreams!!)

    Geoff Fieldew

    Actually, I forgot this month. Sorry 🙁

    Sean Royce

    God, I’ll have to YouTube these ancient beasts.

    Luke Pocock

    wow, no increase on donut haha