What we’re looking at above could well be the Samsung Galaxy S IV and it’s looking as though it’s put on a little weight, which is something we’re all for if it means more battery in the boot.

The screen on this thing looks huge, regardless of which device is actually is (c’mon, it has to be the S4). According to The Verge, the carrier logo on boot up is for a Chinese carrier, which could lead us to believe that carrier testing has already been completed for the device, meaning the release could well be within weeks of an announcement. A man can dream… right?

I’d also like to point out that the iPad Mini ad running in the background is a hilarious juxtaposition of products.

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If this is the real thing, I’ll pick up the Xperia Z or HTC One.

This is ridiculous. Samsung have bundles of cash to throw around, certainly more than Sony and HTC, so why are they making cheap-ass, tacky plastic phones?

It’s like they’re just making themselves comfortable rather than putting in an effort and making some exquisitely designed, premium feeling device.

I’m not a fan of Apple, but they at least have among the best designed/feeling phones in the business. Their competition is…….a giant plastic phone with a flimsy removable back.

HTC/Sony here I come.


Yous don’t reckon it’ll be available on day 1 of the announcement like last year?

John Chung 哥

I can guarantee this phone is not a samsung S4 , as it is a dual sim and also wierd bezel design as well as the operating system , so laggy this will be a 100% Copy from China


Since when was touchwiz fast anyway?


They need HTC’s exterior designers.


And the enlarged silver rim? ……………..a lot like another phone.

John Chung 哥

Blackberry bold


HTC Australia release some awesome development sketches of the HTC One, it’s simply amazing. Can’t wait to graduate!


It’s a phone, much the same as the last big deal.

Jason Lockart

It makes me sad that Samsung’s designs are so shitty and yet they’re #1.


Sometimes I wonder how many designers they really have.

It just looks like they’ve made minor adjustments to an already existing template.


You mean like Apple?


Exactly, I’m industrial design and marketing students and I’m starting lose hope in ever finding a job with one of the large manufacturers.

Jason Lockart

iPhones are possibly the best looking phones out there though.

Ray of Perth

What’s so good looking about the iPhone? The all metal frame is freezing cold in the winter. You cant change the battery, you cant add memory to it AND its still too damn small. It’s really an overpriced, hyped fashion accessory. If it was so good, it would still be number one, which it is not any more, and has been superseded by most of the latest Android top phones! Sales figures don’t lie!