Samsung Jelly Bean
Good news for Samsung Tablet owners, specifially the Galaxy Tab 2 owners with rumours that Samsung is looking into a Jelly Bean update for their tablet. The rumour which originates from SamMobile states that Samsung is looking at updating the tablet to the first Jelly Bean version(Android 4.1.2) before updating to the final(Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version before ending the software update cycle for the tablet completely.

Good news also for older Galaxy Tab(GT-P7300/GT-P7500), Galaxy Tab 7.7(GT-P6800) and Galaxy Tab Plus(GT-P6200) owners as well. Apparently Samsung is looking into how Jelly Bean runs on the Tegra 2(T20) processor from the Galaxy Tab as well as the earlier Exynos Processors inside the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Tab Plus to see how they handle the code from Jelly Bean.

The SamMobile tipster did advise that any dual-core smartphone or tablet will see support end on Android 4.2.2 if it gets that update though, so no Key Lime Pie will be offered. The updates will have to be out before September or presumably they will just abandon the updates.

Do you own one of the older Galaxy Tabs? Would this be welcome news or have you abandoned your tablet for something else already?

Source: SamMobile.
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it’s already 5 months now… any progress on this?

Able Lawrence

Rumours say that the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will have lower hard ware requirements enabling even older devices to run them. So, what will be Sammy’s excuse for not updating the devices


Own the SGT 10.1 and a SGT 10.1 v2… Would love to have both on JB.


Is the GT-P7320T included for the Jelly Bean updates?

Michael Steele

I am a graphic designer who has been used Tablet for many years. Older Samsung Galaxy Tablets may be getting Jelly Bean update. Tablet is very excellent. It’s processor is very fast. It’s looking is very nice. I am very pleasure to visit the website .

Kim Jong Il

rooted my galaxy tab 10.1 ages ago and am running cm10.1 alpha and it is a whole lot better than stock ICS. Will probably not revert to stock JB if it gets it though…

vijay alapati

so far other than the flagship devices, rest of the devices will get the OS update only after a year of its launch

George Lu

good to hear that my GT 7.7 will be updated to JB. Currently I updated it to ICS.

vijay alapati

+ 1


root that b*tch dude.
ParanoidAndroid runs smooth and gets rid of the vomit UI they call touchwiz.

Sean Royce

Touchwiz would be a fine addition if it wasn’t bloated and buggy.