While the phone is yet to be released, and we do know that the Octa-core Exynos 5 CPU powered version of the device will not be available via official channels or carriers within Australia it is of great interest to many to find out that a pre-rooted ROM is already available via the XDA Developers forums.

Currently there’s very few devices available outside of the Samsung hierarchy and preview devices at major carriers, so a ROM like this one ready to flash via ODIN and pre-rooted is a surprise to many and raises hope for others. When the Galaxy S4 is released in Australia with the quad core variant, will we see a ROM that suites the Australian release device?

Remember to consider the risks of rooting and changing ROM on your phone prior to engaging in any such activities.

Source: XDA Forums.
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Article in The Age states from a Samsung Rep that Aus will get the Octa-core Exynos 5:

Damon Lewis
Brad H

Sold my S III today, and am buying a Nexus 4 tomorrow.
Not even bothering with anything but Nexus’ from now on.

Sean Royce

That’s a bit ignorant. Samsung devices aren’t bad.


“…Octa-core Snapdragon CPU…”??? Exynos, methinks.

Sean Royce

Impressive, although I think I’ll be waiting it out for the next Note line or Nexus line. It’s a tough decision.