Samsung’s next big thing, the Galaxy S 4, will be launched in Australia on April 23, so says Samsung in its exclusive invite to attend the launch event, received this morning.

While we’ve brought you some news about the Galaxy S4 already, come the launch event we expect we’ll be able to bring you an Ausdroid hands-on of the device followed by a full review, so you can decide whether Samsung will receive your hard-earned in 2013.

So far, Australian carriers haven’t given away many details about device availability. Ausdroid will be at the Opera House on the evening of April 23 to find out more.

Are you excited about the Galaxy S 4? Has Samsung stolen HTC’s thunder? Let us know in the comments!

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Ian Fredericks

Spoke to my local Telstra dealer today – S4 will be in-store for purchase on Saturday 27th April, and the HTC One on April 23. Totally mum on pricing, though.


Yes, me thinks. Much like how GS3 was launched here, the GS4 would most definitely be ready for retail on the same day or the very least the same week. Again, way to rain on HTC’s parade…

Mikhail Cass

Although, Unlike the SGS3 which had a launch event at 10am this event is at 6pm. So maybe the next day?

Jamesz Zhang

im guessing that when they say it launches on 23 april they might release a day or 2 l8r but just gonna hve to wait and c

Jerry Kim

Come to papa


Be interested to see if Telstra provides a 4g version with both 1800 & 900mhz enabled from the start. If so, I’m interested.

Shaun Anthony Dickenson

Telstras 4g network runs on 2100mhz… 4g is also only for data so it it will simultaneously be running the 850mhz (nextG)

DonT think telstra has 1800 and 900 mhz

Daniel Tyson

Telstra currently runs their 4G LTE network on the 1800MHz frequency at the moment : They also have 2600MHz spectrum they would like to use and in the future are interested in the 700MHz Spectrum auction this month. Telstra has announced their intention to add a 4G LTE network on their 900MHz frequency as well : Optus also runs their 4G LTE network on the 1800MHz frequency. However they have expressed interest in running a 700MHz LTE network if they are successful in the Spectrum auction this month. Vodafone too when they launch will run their 4G LTE… Read more ยป


And even then, Telstra don’t use 2100 mHz anymore. Closed in August last year.

Dylan Xavier

check my post above. telstra is using 2100 for LTE in certain places. not sure why. none of their device support it.

Daniel Tyson

None of the Telstra documentation or Telstra Techs(that I’ve spoken to anyway) have said anything about 2100MHz actually being In Use for LTE.

That document you linked to talks about 2100MHz being a proposed frequency for that specific tower. It would certainly makes sense for Telstra to re-use spectrum they currently own but nothing I’ve seen so far says it is actually in use yet.

The only other frequency I’ve seen as potentially being used for LTE was 2300MHz and that was Optus in Canberra.

Dylan Xavier

Daniel, Yes telstra do run their 4G on 1800. but that also have a few towers installed with 2100 LTE equipment. u can check the rfnsa website. guessing they are using what they got from 3.

Sean Royce

Can’t wait to try one out!

No One

HTC disappointed me with release only 32GB variant and only silver color so here I come GS4.

The One
No One

Oh yeah, I miss that part but still only 32GB. Not enough for me.

Nikkita Woods

that’s why they offer expandable storage

Anthony Jackson

the htc one ? i think u better check the specs again

Nikkita Woods

sorry thought you were referring to the s4

No One

No they do not offer expendable memory

Dylan Xavier

so if 23 April is launch date, when is release date?

Nikkita Woods

launch and release one and the same? (same as s3?)


Given its an evening event, I’m guessing the release will be the next day.

Dylan Xavier

If launch and release are the same day that would mean we get the phone much before any one else as the rest get it on the 26 April.

Nikkita Woods

who’s complaining about that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dylan Xavier

No one. well every1 except us. Im just saying it will be a first for us to get it first


HTC should have stolen components for their camera before they tried to steal any ones thunder

Andy D

Woah. Interesting timing considering that’s when the HTC One will be arriving in stores. Cool though.