Samsung Series 3
The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook has only just been released in Australia but the Series 3 was originally released in the US in October last year and it appears that Samsung may be looking to refresh or replace one the Series 3 at the very least in their core markets the US/UK.

OMGChrome is reporting that recent commits to the Chromium project are referencing a new hardware board called ‘daisy_spring’. The reason this particular reference is special is that ‘Daisy’ was the codename used for the board inside the Series 3 Chromebook. The addition of ‘_spring’ to the daisy name rather than using a completely new name indicates a refresh rather than a replacement, but this being Samsung, nothing should be ruled out.

With the Series 3 already running a Dual-Core Exynos 5 5250 1.7GHz CPU it already packs a punch, but what if this is the start of a new breed of Chromebooks? With the recent release of the Chromebook Pixel a Touch-Screen enabled Chromebook and new touch friendly code being added to Chrome and hence ChromeOS, could this be a new touch enabled Series 3 aimed at a more budget friendly market than the Pixel?

Of course such a model may take a fair while to reach Australian shores via official channels but there’s always importers like Mobicity. With Google IO in May, this would be a perfect opportunity to release updated touch friendly code as well as a budget friendly new Chromebook. Google IO could certainly be interesting for ChromeOS.

What do you think of a touch enabled, budget Chromebook?

Source: OMGChrome.