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Facebook have today launched Facebook Home — their replacement launcher for a variety of Android devices (those being: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One, One X, One X+). So if you own one of those device, you can try and go to the Play Store and install it (might not work at the moment, as it’s mainly a US launch). However, if you’re wanting to install it on almost any Android phone, then follow these simple instructions as posted on XDA-Developer forums. Root is not needed, however, if Facebook is preinstalled on your phone and cannot be uninstalled, you’ll indeed need root to uninstall it first.


  1. Download this .rar containing Facebook and Facebook Home apks
  2. Extract the .rar and place the two apks anywhere on your device’s internal/external storage
  3. Uninstall the normal Facebook app if it’s already install on your phone
  4. Install both the apks you placed onto your device
  5. Enable Facebook Home through the Facebook app’s settings
  6. You’re good to go!

With this method there is a chance that Facebook Messenger’s chat-heads feature will no longer work. That’s the price you pay for installing an app not yet tested by Facebook for your particular device.

Source: Play StoreXDA-Developers.
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    Sean Royce

    Works fine, tried it earlier today, uninstalled it within seconds though.

    James Finnigan

    I got it working on my CM10.1 One X by using the Facebook and Messenger applications from the Play Store, and just installing the Facebook Home apk manually.

    Didn’t like it, although it looks well-designed and runs smoothly.

    Harry Johnson

    If u use this method and install the facebook messenger the messenger app will allow you to receive and send texts

    Tony Ng

    Home sort of works, but not chats head. Agreed with Brad

    Brad H

    I usually get excited for stuff like this, but definitely not this time. I spend too much time on Facebook as it is! Why anyone would want to integrate it within the system is beyond me. The app only takes 10 seconds to launch and update the feed!

    Nathan Elcoate

    It doesn’t install on Note II.. Not sure why as it is listed as an official device….

    Harry Johnson

    because your not in australia you can’t download it

    Stephen Crisafulli

    I’ll pass, my nexus 4 is just fine