Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4

Angry customers is the understatement of the week…

Samsung are facing a deluge of disgruntled customers, rage and outright petty name calling on their facebook page due to the apparent short supply of the much anticipated Galaxy S4.

NOT HAPPY!! I missed out!! Virgin mobile only had 200units on release day!!?? WHAT A JOKE!

Not happy. Why have a a date for the release date for the galaxy s4 but not supply any stores with hand sets.
On the Gold Coast not one store has them. Not happy.


WOW – What a marketing fail Samsung! Setting expectations without being able to deliver!! That mistake should be covered in Marketing lecture #1! I think today you just got yourself thousands of disappointed/upset Samsung phone customers! *not happy* that I cannot find a WHITE Samsung Galaxy 4 anywhere!

These are just a few of the posts from outraged customers who can’t get the most anticipated phone of the year on release day. Now, to take the objective view: It does appear that these enraged customers failed to take early action and pre-order the device on any of the carriers and simply expected to walk in and buy the device off the shelf…

But that is neither here nor there. Samsung’s expectation to sell 10 million units inside one month from release should have rang alarm bells for anyone who was keen on the Galaxy S4 and at least triggered them to register interest if not placing pre-orders.

It’s always best to put your name down for any device you’re eager to get your hands on, either that or accept that you may in fact miss out on the first run of devices that are available.

Are you raging about missing out? Did you pre-order the S4? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Samsung Australia Facebook Page.
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I pre ordered the S4 with Samsung Highpoint only to get a call Saturday morning saying that they didn’t get a shipment of black phones, only white. Was left with 2 choices, go for white or go without. Still on a brighter note hats off to Samsung for calling me at 8:05am to tell me the news.!


I was hoping to get a galaxy s4 and even asked Virgins online customer service if I could pre-order, in which I was told I was not able to. Hopefully Virgin extends it’s ‘deals’ on some of their plans >.>, guess I got to wait for a week or so now…

Nick Bellios

Build a bridge children.


When I called the Sydney samsung experience store on Wednesday to query pre-ordering the unlocked outright S4, I was told they were only getting 100 units. I think if they’re serious about taking on apple, who’s fans queue up around the block for days in advance to get an iPhone, I’d think 100 Samsung units is pretty paltry.

Hayden Andrew

Same with Melbourne. They only had 100 pre-order untis available, and 100 walk in units available


I missed out on virgin too!wanted to pre order it day before but was told to wait for call next day when it’s available.waited whole morning,therefore went into website and checked and called virgin .they are sold out!!!

Sound like Samsung is trying to play the same trick like apple when I was trying to get my iPhone 3GSfew yrs ago.

Nicolas Heaton

Pre ordered from Samsung store only to be rung at 8.40pm Friday night to be told no black and don’t call us we’ll call you!
Want to buy outright.
You know cant help but wish that the HTC one came with removeable storage…


People are Idiots, it is in no way Samsung’s fault..
Carrier’s like Telstra and Optus had set up expressions of interest pages on the internet, it is based on the number of expressions of interest that carriers order stock.. I know for fact that Telstra had only order 700 units, therefore if you put 2 and 2 together, obviously retailers like Harvey Norman & JB HiFi that are carrier retailers are going to receive a lesser portion of the Carrier order ….

If you are going to blame anyone, blame the Carriers! NOT Samsung…

End Rants.


” I know for fact that Telstra had only order 700 units ”
Australia wide? You’re not seriously claiming that as a fact are you?

Sean Royce

People are greedy. They’ll get over it, and eventually have their precious machine which they won’t use to it’s full potential and be happy with themselves.


They didn’t exactly had an expression of interest page for the S4, they had nothing prior to the official launch event and orders of stock from them to Samsung would definitely pre-date that. Based on sales of the S3 and S2 alone, if what you say is a “fact”, then it was a poor business decision which sounds stupid. If it is a fact, then I’m thinking it’s more likely Samsung is limiting their ability to order high volumes rather than them not wanting to order high volumes. Plus with all the special attention they are giving the S4 launch… Read more »


Since the phone was announced I tried to get my name on a pre-order list at Virgin. Even went to a couple of Virgin shops in Perth to get my name on a list. Got up super early this morning, was first in line at a virgin shop just to be told no stock was received! WTF? Epic supply fail Samsung!


Well Harvey Norman had pre-orders for a long time and none of those who pre-ordered got any, HN only received stock from Optus for people going on Optus contracts today. Telstra didn’t exactly have pre-orders as well so people needed to get them in store today if they wanted it at release.

Mikhail Cass

Both my brother and I were able to grab the handset. He got it from Optus on George Street and I got mine from Optus in Parramatta. Granted we were both there at 8:15ish AM.

While I was getting mine I even heard the lady from the Parramatta store telling a customer over the phone that they had heaps in stock and had overstocked. Silly lady though she would still have the phone tomorrow.


I did pre order through Harvey Norman on 17 April. Did not get a phone today. Was told I have to wait. Money out of my account the day after the order but still no phone!


The harvey Norman ordering system is a major downer isn’t it. I’ve had bad experiences before as well, having ordered an item shown in stock at a store, only to find out when I chased up the store that they didn’t have any stock. No stock should mean no card charges so that you could shop around in the meantime, but Gerry wouldn’t like that idea.


I couldn’t pre order from telstra so I lined up 2 hours before opening and I scored myself an S4 and its a great upgrade!

Maxx Power

I went to buy an s4 from telstra at george st sydney. I put my name down and was told to come back in 30-40 min. I arrive back for my appointment only to be told the store had flooded and was forced to close 🙁

Peter Graham

I’m glad I can’t recontract for another month .. the hype will be mostly gone by then and I just rock up and grab one.. I’ll still have my dealer keep one aside for me a week in advance just to be sure though.

Isn’t it funny how Samsung is using some of apples tricks .. like only slightly re designing the phone and doing a slow trickle release for the first few days and everyones chucking a fit.

Seriously .. its a phone .. get a grip.


pre-order with optus wasnt even open for a day, just one hour, and then it was gone. release day..local store sold out 30 mins after opening. expected delivery date now is 15 working days minimum. bleh

Marty Davey

Pretty sure they are doing what Apple do, “create hype,” to generate more sales by people thinking it must be dam amazing if it’s sold out already.

No One

Samsung has been always fail to delivery their product as promise. Advertised 16/32/64GB then never spoken about the 32 and 64 after that. Never have the clear release date globally after launch. Comparing this with Apple is a joke. Every time Apple launch the iPhone, there are a lot of stores, call centre and online stores selling it, not few store like Samsung.

Damon Lewis

I agree. Samsung always announce things and never deliver. Wireless charging for Galaxy S 2, 64GB models etc.

Apple are far better at product launches. Announce a product and have it in store the next week.


Meh, people should be used to Australia getting rorted for highly anticipated devices. I am.

John Chung 哥

If you want just go get from Koga
n or Mobicity why hagging around with the carrier ?


never ever buy anything from Kogan, from shipping to customer support they are pathetic.

Dennis Bareis

I’ve had no issues with them, both phones shipped quickly, one email to support and average response time. So far I’m happy with them.


You are lucky, I felt the same way till recently. Wait till something goes wrong, If you buy something from them non kogan branded and it ships on time then they are just fine, beyond that trouble starts.