MiiPC Upgrade

A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the Kickstarter campaign for MiiPC – a $99 PC running Android that allows you to monitor and remotely control your kids internet use.

Well today, ZeroDesktop have announced that they are giving Kickstarter backers the opportunity to double their memory for just $15 extra, bringing the total RAM from 1GB to 2GB and internal flash storage up to 8GB.

This offer is not just for existing backers either, if the additional RAM and storage space is enough to make you change your mind and back this project, head over to the Kickstarter page and make your pledge.

If you would like to know more about MiiPC, be sure to check out Phil’s earlier post or head on over to the Kickstarter webpage.

If you have already backed this project, will you be paying the additional $15 for the extra storage? Has the additional storage made you reconsider backing?

Source: Kickstarter.
Via: Engadget.