Have you got one of those friends who insists that, despite your continual protests on how their client doesn’t truncate threaded messages they continue to use some second rate app.

There’s a solution that’s currently in beta on the Google Play store: XonoMail

Based on the truly brilliant K9 Mail app for Android, XonoMail offers cleaner integration with Gmail as well as a new take on unified inbox and a familiar interface that is very similar to the official Gmail app.

The app has some great key features including

  • Inbox: automatic category icons (Gmail only)
  • Automatic email organization by category (Gmail only)
  • Automatic email organization by Contact photo (all email accounts)
  • Push mail with IMAP IDLE (Gmail, AOL…)
  • Email threads support
  • and

  • An array of customizable options.

While the Beta is officially only available in the USA, those interested and enterprising users will find a way to gain access to the APK outside of the play store.


Are you happy with the official apps you use? or do third party apps like this one gain your interest quickly? Let us know in the comments below

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    Adam Sacco

    Don’t know about K9 being “truly brilliant”… maybe if it wasn’t so damned ugly. Absolutely begging for a holo update.

    Phil Tann

    Completely agree re the holo update…
    But I am one that judges apps by functionality, I don’t spend all day staring at my phone, i want apps to work for me, not have to figure out how I need to change my workflow to suit their design.

    Phill Edwards

    Perhaps try Kaiten which is based on K-9 but has new UI.

    Daniel Tyson

    That Phil, is what I call a Sick Burn.


    I hate google but love Android so this is great~


    Not available in your country e.g. aus

    Daniel Tyson

    The APK is out there as Phil said but the developer has assured us they will be bringing the app to Australia officially.

    Sean Royce

    Looks nice, I’m happy with Gmail how it is though.