samsung sadness

Just over 48 hours ago I received my brand new Samsung Galaxy S 4. I was super excited to get it out of the box, put the battery in, fire it up, and be on my way to dealing with Touch Wiz. Along with the Galaxy S 4, I had a case coming with it, but it was delayed. In hindsight, that delay is going to cost me a small fortune.

A little over 24 hours ago, my Galaxy S 4 slipped from my lap and gracefully fell 30cm to the floorboards below. I didn’t think too much of it; it was hardly a fall. My old Galaxy Nexus has fallen off benches and walked away the winner. I lifted up my Galaxy S 4 without much of a thought, and wiped off the rogue cat hair it had collected during its quick descent in the dark of the room. It wasn’t a cat hair. There’s a crack in my display in the upper right quadrant.

As bezels get smaller there’s less protection around the display, so the glass is going to take most of the force. News sites have posted articles saying the Gorilla Glass 3 display is ‘almost invincible‘. I can tell you that it’s far from it, sadly. I’m sure it’ll fend off some scratches, but it can’t take too much of a fall.

And it’s not just me feeling the pain, Andrew on Twitter has the following:

Remember my case that’s delayed? Yeah, that would have saved my Galaxy S 4 easily. Instead, I’m looking at ~$300 for a new display. So use my misfortune to save yourself, and not just with your Galaxy S 4; with any new phone you pay a small fortune for: buy a case for it. You’ll be grateful when it’s just a graze on the case and not a $300 kick in the nuts.

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I hate cases. It’s like buying a brand new car and throwing plastic covers on the leather seats. My Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4 never had cases and never picked up screen scratches (though the GNex’s sides got more than a little scuffed).

My HTC One is currently case-less and is still perfect. I don’t think I baby my phones either, I chuck them onto couches, go travelling with them, etc.


As a rule I don’t ugly up my phones with cases. My One X has dozens of war scars, cracks throughout the back of the case from drops and being carried with keys in my pocket, but the screen doesn’t have a single scratch!

i like chicken

I recently found out I can have my Note 2 covered through my home contents insurance for the whopping sum of $6 a year! I’m with Aami, I’d suggest you guys ask your insurers.

Amrit Kandola

Had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago with a Note 2. Had almost the exact same screen crack from a tiny fall. Was quoted $450 for a repair from Samsung!

Michaela O'Leary

Haha brutal! The MINUTE I get a new phone, I’ve got it in a jelly casing and a screen protector. I drop those suckers like they’re hot. My HTC One X still looks FOB #freshoutthebox


I’ve dropped my xperia z onto concrete from almost a metre as well as multiple times onto tiles, and all I have is a little scratch on the edge. (Not the glass, the rubbery stuff around it).

I’m very happy with my xperia. 🙂

Buzz Moody

Woo! Props to Sony for keeping their design rigid, it seems. Good stuff.


Had a gs2 and now gn2. Both have frequently slipped from my top pocket while bending over, most times onto concrete.. I hate cases plus think they wreck the look and feel of the phone, and will make a large phone(gn2) larger.
Both phones have been protected though by xtremeguard, which is cheap as. This maybe my saving grace for the random drops..Plus i also have insurance for when i need a new phone 😉
Ps.. Sorry to hear about your gs4

Buzz Moody

Insurance is great in some cases, such as having to have the entire phone replaced. But it’s around ~$300 to make a claim and get it repaired, which is the same price I’ve been quoted for a repair.


My gs2 was going to be replaced free of charge through optus insurance(no claim in a year) but i upgraded to the gn2 for $270 which was just released at the time. Good timing on my behalf.


As a tradesman working on site I went with an otter box for my note 2, mostly because it’s the only thing I found that works for me!
Where do case manufacturers think i’m putting my phone? I like to clip it on my belt / pocket, I have my pockets full with keys and a wallet as it is!
Sure it adds bulk, but it has survived many falls, the worst that’s happened is the S-Pen bounced out from the shock!


Happened to me mate. I was sitting on my house stairs, it slipped out of my pocket and got a crack in the corner of the screen. $350 repair. Galaxy S3 I should say.

Buzz Moody

Nothing worse. The feeling of seeing the crack and knowing you can’t do anything is the worst.

Adam Sacco

Or, you know… be careful with your $700 phone?

I refuse to turn my beautiful phones into ugly bricks by putting a case on them. And I’ve never smashed a screen so far. You really need to be ultra careful for that first week or so, until you get used to the feel and grip of them in your hand.

Buzz Moody

I’m always super careful with new devices, especially considering I deal with review units quite a lot. This was just an accident that happens, that can be avoided by everyone else.

Adam Sacco

Sorry for being insensitive, I can definitely feel your pain!


Feels sorry for Buzz. I won’t take a new phone anywhere till it has the protection of an otterbox fact I usually have the case before the phone,

Buzz Moody

As I wrote in the post, this was meant to come with the cover, but it got delayed. If only..

But good thinking by you, my friend.


Ouch man, that must’ve been heartbreaking to see your new toy cracked.

Buzz Moody

You’ve never seen a heartbroken teenage boy until you see his pride and joy seemingly ruined.

Matt Booth

I’ve smashed a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy Note II but I still refuse to use a case. If a case is required to protect the phone in ordinary use then it should be included in the box! Samsung needs to stop making such delicate phones, i’ve had Motorolas and HTCs that would survive falls without a scratch

Buzz Moody

You smashed the Galaxy Nexus? Nice work. Mine refuses to take a beating. It’s a beast of a phone like that.

Absolutely with you on that, it *should* come with a case. Since that’s clearly not happening, I’m recommending people fork out $20-50 to buy a good case that suits them to ensure they’re not footing any huge repair costs.

Matt Booth

Wise suggestion to protect the investment. It’s just so frustrating that they go to the effort of making a slim (kind of) stylish phone and people are forced to enclose it in a bulky case.