Today, a device that could be the fabled Motorola X Phone (or XFON) has shown up in FCC documents, with sketches that look very similar to last week’s leaked picture of the “ATT XFON”.

The FCC lists the device specifications as Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and LTE capable, although it’s using AT&T LTE bands which are useless to us here in Australia. The sketch also shows three circles on the back of the phone – an interesting development as there have been rumours of a functional button of some kind on the back of the phone.

The timing of this release may be entirely coincidental, but it is possible that it could be announced and maybe even released at Google I/O, beginning in just 5 days time.


Cold Water

Enough with the good news! As mentioned, the FCC document only lists AT&T LTE bands, which are unfortunately not supported by any of the Australian carriers. We previously received a tip that the X Phone was being passed on by Australian carriers, which looks to have been true – Motorola is clearly not producing this device (in its current form, at least) for the Australian market.

While this is sure to be disappointing news for many, it does seem like there’s a new leak, new rumour or fresh speculation about the mythical X Phone every day – maybe there is more than one X Phone, maybe this FCC-listed device is not even an X Phone… for that matter, what even IS the X Phone anyway?

The “X Phone” could be a series of “X Phones” aimed at different portions of the market, for all we know. ย I’d say the Ghost phoneย is maybe a mid-range device at best, and this one -which has an entirely different model number – could be a lower- or higher-end version of it.

As I said yesterday, we may or may not find out more next week. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire … but until we hear it from Motorola or Google themselves, my advice is to take every single rumour with a grain of salt.

What’s your take on this week’s X Phone rumours? Let us know in the comments!

Source: FCC exhibit IHDT56PA1.
Via: Phone Scoop.
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A bit disappointing regarding all this negative rumours of this X phone. I’m going to see if anything comes up at the Google IO in a few days time and then make a decision to what to get to replace my current Desire Z..

Scott Plowman

good idea mate. I am now thinking that maybe this is Motorola’s last phone BEFORE the Google influence takes over… I am sure this will be a massive failure due to its average specs (well, for 2013 they are anyway). Maybe this is why Telstra didn’t want it- not good enough. I doubt they sold too many Razr HD and Razr Ms.
Once again- no one really knows. Lets see what IO brings- Daniel from here never sleeps so i am sure he will have the scoop for us on Thursday morning.