After being somewhat challenged by Samsung and Android fans worldwide, HTC caved to the pressure and finally announced a version of the HTC One running stock Android 4.2.2 — more up-to-date than their Sense UI version. The device will go on sale through the Play Store from June 26th for US customers only, though importers will sell it here at a slightly increased price, no doubt.

The price for it in the US is $599 and comes with 32GB of internal storage. If you do plan to import one, note that it won’t work on any Australian LTE networks but will work on 850MHz and 2100MHz HSPA+ networks.

All future software updates for the device will be completed by Google once HTC have completed the drivers. And like all Nexus devices, they bootloader can be unlocked using fastboot oem unlock. Credit where it’s due, HTC is finally looking like it’s doing the right thing.

Source: HTC.
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I definitely prefer Sense UI to stock, I just don’t like that HTC stop providing updates to their phones so quickly so my barely 2 year old Incredible S is still stuck on ICS (yes I am aware I could install a custom JB Rom but they all suffer from bugs and/or lag).

Darren White

best android news all year. now all I need is Mobicity to start selling it before 30 June so I can claim it on my tax.


Having lived with my HTC One only for a couple of days, so far i don’t mind Sense at all. I find it refreshing compared to Touchwiz. For the foreseeable future I’m happy to stay stock.


Lordy it would be good if they open this up to existing HTC One owners, although I imagine this would largely blocked by carriers (unless they go to the effort of releasing their own flavour with bloatware – not likely). A boy can hope though.


I am new to Android but from what I can see here is, once Google release the GE HTC One and GS4, we can get the system dump and put it on our normal HTC One and GS4 device right? If that is the case, will our devices get Nexus treatment as GE variant?

David Anderton

great news, even better if they release worldwide.

Eng Nuth

lol i should read the article

Andrew Palozzo

Where are the final specs? Is it possible the FCC was only testing US bands? I want a working 4g version so bad,

Eng Nuth

might be in luck with just buying a local copy:

See this site:
That’s what they claim anyway, wont know until it hits the play store 😉

Andrew Palozzo

Yeah… sounds promising. I wonder if samsung will offer the same. Eitherway this is good direction for enthusiast, but I wonder if it’ll be short lived without mass consumer adoption.

geoff fieldew

Ultra Schnitzel with stock software. Sounds yummy.

HTC fan/Samsung buyer

With 4G becoming widely available now, it is no longer an option to buy a 3G phone as it was a few months ago with the Nexus 4. Pity that Australian buyers are ignored again. Just have to wait for the Note 3…


I already have a HTC One, all I need is the ROM… lets hope that is an easy process as I love the hardware, Sense is starting to annoy me a little through.

David Anderton

will it matter about different radio chip?


Not sure, but I’m sure you could swap and change some parts of the ROM at the low level… maybe 😉

vijay alapati

Specs? Is it going to have ultrapixel software into it?


Apparently it will according to android central


Thanks Google and HTC for keeping it US only. because there are no people outside the US. And here in Oz, only kangaroos no people.

Alexei Watson

Yeah, disappointed about the lack of LTE in australia, this was going to be my next, until I saw that. lameo!