Action Launcher

Australian developer Chris Lacy, has brought another update to his home screen replacement: Action Launcher.

For those of you that haven’t seen Action Launcher before, it is a home screen replacement app with a slight twist. It’s main features are the slide out app drawer that shows a simple list of your applications, covers, which are a slightly different approach to folders and shutters, which are essentially home screen widgets that pop up from the application shortcut when you need them. All of these features allow for a very clean looking home screen that has a lot of hidden features.

Chris has been busy and has released several updates in the past that you can read out here and here.

The latest update brings the ability to change the shutter that is attached to an application. This is great for those apps that have more than one home screen widget, so you can now choose which one you want to display. You can also add a shutter to any application, even if that application doesn’t include a widget.

Next on the list of features is the ability to increase the application grid up to 12×12 and you now also have the ability to scale the icons. Combining this with icon packs and the ability to hide icon text, you can now create some really nice looking home screens.

Check out the video below for more details.

Source: Google Play.
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    I love all the features in this app, especially the shutter feature, but the thing I can’t get used to unfortunately, is the app draw being a vertical scrolling system.
    I like the horizontal one from the stock browser much better….


    I am going to have to check out this launcher finally.

    Mitchell Smith

    Probably worth the money. I find it is a bit slow on my phone (HTC One X) on occasions. Sometimes taking 3-5 seconds for the icons/widgets to appear after returning to home from an app, and sometimes even longer for the apps to appear in the sidbar. These maybe happen 3-5 times a day. While an inconvenience, they are nothing compared to the efficiency this launcher grants. My day to day actions on my device greatly benefit in speed, and I am down from a homescreen of 4 pages, to 2. 1 being dedicated to a very large, very pretty… Read more ยป

    Mitchell Smith

    I’d like to add it works absolutely appallingly on my Asus TF300, but pretty much nothing does work well on that $500 paper weight.


    Yeah Asus screwed up with the memory speeds on all their transformer lineup. My prime can be unbearable at times

    Mitchell Smith

    Web browsing is the biggest nightmare on those devices. Hopefully their next gen ones are much better in that regard, as I really do like the idea of a detachable keyboard. It makes it a great device for university.