Oppo Find 5 GE

Another week, another manufacturer releasing a stock Android version of their flagship phone. Samsung and HTC have done it. Sony are about to do it too. Next in line is the Chinese-based Oppo Digital. Oppo took to their Google+ page a short time ago to ask the following question:

One of our Ofans had this idea of a Google Edition of Find 5. Would you like to see it become a reality? http://bit.ly/Find5Nexus

Now obviously this isn’t concrete proof of anything, and a lot of things would still need to happen for the Oppo Find 5 Google Edition to become a reality. But Oppo are clearly thinking about it, and judging from the reactions on their Google+ post (and the reactions to the other Google Edition phones that have been announced) there is clear market interest in such a device. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open, and let you know of any developments on the situation.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Oppo Find 5 Google Edition? How do you feel about the whole ‘Google Edition’ trend? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Google+.
Via: Android Headlines.
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a lot of people love this phone. And oppo are extremely open with developers and as such has full roms of each variety for their phone. You can now buy them direct from oppostyle.com for a decent price. Mobicity have them for same price but they don’t have the black variety. If it had 4G and qi charging i may buy one….

David Anderton

the more Google editions the better


Great to see more stock released devices. Most people remove bloatware when they get a new PC but it’s harder to do with portable devices. I just want the basic OS running fast and then load the apps that I need.

PS…great to read that you work in newsprint and own an Android. Almost all of the people in newspaper publishing that I have met own iOS.


These Google Editions are getting out of hand.


Oppo are makers of the best blue ray players in the market, they don’t make junk. I for one would be all over a Google edition find 5.


Omfg who cares about freaking Oppo. Plus Chinese companies are the worst and the most dodgy. Poor move by google if this eventuates.

Eng Nuth

what a load of crock, almost everything’s made there nowadays, and most brands that you associate with as non-Chinese get their parts or have assembly lines there.

Sujay Vilash

Mate, you were a bit too polite. But well said. Wish people would think before they write crock as you called it, shit as I call it. On the phone itself, having seen the specifications, I am intrigued to say the least.