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If you’ve already bought the latest Humble Bundle, good news: you get another three games at no extra cost! If you haven’t, the Humble Bundle now comes with ten games, plus their soundtracks, all DRM-free.

In addition to the seven games we discussed earlier in the week, you now also get McPixel, Waking Mars and Nightsky HD to add to the collection. I don’t know much about McPixel (a retro-style puzzle game), or Nightsky HD (a minimalist physics-based puzzle game); but Waking Mars is a really fun side-scrolling adventure game, that was available through a previous Bundle.

To download all your purchased Humble Bundle games, you can download the Humble Bundle application from the Humble Bundle website. You can also buy the current bundle from the website as well.

Have you purchased the latest Humble Bundle? Let us know in the comments!

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    Benjamin Dobell

    McPixel isn’t really a retro style puzzle… it err… it’s crazy. Pretty indescribable. Maybe just watch the trailer or gameplay footage.


    I played McPixel for too long and am now insane