Xperia Z - Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Last week, we started hearing reports that Sony‘s Android 4.2.2 update for the Xperia Z had begun rolling out worldwide. The update is said to finally bring Sony’s current flagship device up to date with the Android latest release, bringing with it a bunch of new features.

As soon as I heard about it I started checking my device regularly for an OTA update, sadly to no avail – Sony’s PC Companion software was also no help. Being a good, impatient Android nerd, I took matters into my own hands! I quickly acquired the Global C6603 10.3.A.0.423 firmware, and installed it on my Xperia Z.

If you’re not familiar with the process of rooting and installing custom ROMs, I strongly suggest you wait for the official Sony update. For those that must know, I used this method from XperiaGuide.

What’s new?

Firstly, a performance boost. Performing most tasks seemed a touch quicker – not something that’ll make a huge difference, because the phone was already pretty fast with Android 4.1. The new update has made it just that bit smoother and quicker.

Benchmarking bears this out, too. On Geekbench I was previously getting a total score of around 2100, where I’m now getting around 2300. Surprisingly, the biggest improvement appears to be browser performance. While I was getting scores in the 1400 range previously, I’m now getting around 1100! Lower is better in Sunspider’s javascript benchmarking tool.

Most of the changes you’d expect from Android 4.2 made it across to Sony’s version. These include Lock Screen Widgets, with the right-swipe to open the camera intact – happily, it works just like a Nexus 4. Daydream is also on board for those that want it.

Curiously, Sony have changed the background behind the on-screen buttons to include slight transparency – this takes effect on the Home Screen, but reverts back to the standard black background when navigating Settings menus and apps. I quite like this effect, as it gives the appearance of more screen real estate – a good thing in my book. I think Nexus homescreens would look better with this effect, too.

For those that hoped the display’s viewing angles might be improved with this software update, the answer is no. That light coloured text will still be near impossible to read on a white background if you’re viewing it from a sharp angle.

One thing that I’d really hoped for in this this update was more toggles in the notification panel – wish granted. In Settings, under Display you’ll find a new submenu called Quick Settings. Where previously I was stuck with only a few toggles, I can now pick from a choice of 15 toggles, and I can edit where they’re located in the panel.

Unlike Samsung’s Toggle-licious panel that contains more toggles than you can poke a stick at, Sony has decided to limit theirs to 2 rows of 5 – 10 toggles, all-up. I suspect the thinking is to leave more room for notifications.

One more thing…


Sony has also included a magnification window that appears when you press on a word, to help you see what you’re reading more easily. The window moves around with your finger in a pleasing, fluid manner, making this a feature that you’ll want to use when necessary. While this was previously available when editing text, it now seems to be system-wide to help you drill into a body of text that you’re looking at, whether you’re editing or just reading.

These are the changes I’ve noticed since updating. Have I missed anything else significant? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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i am not able to get my swipe screen on pressing the power button …pls help..

Moe Debeski

one great thing you missed to mention : the ability to make a small app with an existing widget witch is awesome , my fav ,,, because now the use of small apps is no longer limited to the play store small apps available


Take screenshots which was there earlier on pressing the camera key is missing.. Was a good feature… Shouldn’t have removed it.
This camera lock widget is not getting removed…what if I don’t want to enable that…in the lock screen earlier Walkman shortcut was there now not allowed

Xperia i1 Honami released on 4/9, Snapdragon 800 2.2 Ghz speed, 5-inch screen and a resolution of Full HD


Did the screen quality improve ?
I’m not asking for viewing angles


Is it true that there is a setting to change the display contrast, hue, and others?, hence, would dramatically change the saturation of the screen? Thanks


Just got the update pushed out to my Optus phone!


Now to play the waiting game for Vodafone to push the update out after they’ve done “testing” of their own.

geoff fieldew

I don’t envy your position there.

vijay alapati

i updated week back, its good, havent observed much change in the speed, as it was always fast (may be as i use 3rd party launcher) and yes gd improvement in bug fixes and still need better battery optimisation though …

geoff fieldew

How did you update yours?

vijay alapati

Falshtool with hongkong firmware , Also its just 2 mins to root and install CWM 🙂

geoff fieldew

I did mine the same way. Also rooted but didn’t flash CWM.


Have they fixed the issue with the notification LED working whilst in stamina mode?

geoff fieldew

I wasn’t aware it was an issue. I like the led to notify me. I suspect the battery usage for that feature is negligible.

On the other hand, if it wasn’t intended by Sony to work that way then I guess it’s a bug. I rarely use Stamina mode so I’m not sure whether that feature has been changed or not.


Hey Geoff do you know if this includes the tablet Z ?

Sean Royce

He didn’t mention it at all, so why would it be?

geoff fieldew

Update is phone only.