LG has announced the worlds thinnest Full HD Smartphone LCD, the screen which is 5.2″ in size measures in at a only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, making it the worlds slimmest Full HD LCD display.

The new panel will utilise the LG One-Glass-Solution(OGS) which sees Dual Flexible Printed Circuits inserted between the panel and the touch film apparently reducing the number of lines on the screen by more than 30 percent. The screens 1920×1080 resolution will be made up of a Red, Green, Blue(RGB) sub-pixel arrangement and offer up to 535 nits brightness.

Co-incidentally a 5.2″ Full HD screen marries up with the latest rumour from yesterday regarding the specs that will come inside the LG Optimus G2 as well as the Nexus 5.

The screen looks and sounds amazing, however at 5.2″ just how big is too big? It’s been raised a number of times in comments on previous stories we’ve run that people are more inclined to want a ‘smaller’ screen at around the mid-4″ mark, although with this screen sporting only a 2.3mm bezel this could conceivably fit in the chassis of some phones currently on the market. I personally don’t have an issue with the size as long as they stick an insanely large battery behind this display.

Is 5.2″ too big of a screen to put in a phone?

Source: LGDisplay.
Via: Engadget.
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Too big, sorry. Basically a Nexus 4 is my maximum in terms of size but if you minimise bezel you could probably stretch it to 4.8, 4.9?

Aidan Greenshields

i have a note II and 5.5 is just that touch too big, ive used the s4 and i do notice the lost screen realestate, i think the 5.2 might just be that sweet spot, especiall with the bezel like it is in this announcement!

Festivus Oz

Hi Daniel. I recently purchased the GS4 3 weeks ago. I had concerns it would be too big however it is a similar size to my HTC DHD (only about 5mm taller when factoring in cases). Most likely due to reduced bezels. I find myself wanting to go bigger as its not too big for the hands and extra screen real estate is great for media.
Battery life is excellent but like you I would sacrifice a few mm thickness for extra battery life. Charging every couple of days or daily on really heavy use would be a bonus.