After going live in the US after it’s announcement at Google IO last month, the Google Play Music, All Access is now ‘officially’ available in Australia.

There is a 30 day trial which you can sign up for now from the Google Play Music page and if you sign up before 31/08/2013 you will only pay $9.99 a month after which the service will cost $11.99 per month.

Google Play Comparison

While there has been a workaround available pretty much from day 1 to allow anyone outside the USA to get access to the service, there’s no need for the fiddling around now it’s just a case of pay your money and get your music.

Will you be investing in Google’s streaming music service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Google Support Page.
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    I seriously cannot sign up to this trial. This is amazing. On a mobile device, it just takes me to the app. On a computer, it takes me to Google Music settings (with no options to sign up).


    Mark McLeod

    I have signed up for the trial but all that’s available is several playlists and maybe a dozen albums. Is that all you get for the money?

    Daniel Tyson

    There should be access to play any of the tunes in the Google Music Catalogue. Search for an album and try playing it.

    Mark McLeod

    This is the gap and why I’m skeptical . There are several ministry of sound albums on the front page of my Google play music site. None of them are available in all access. And if I go to them in the store the only option is to buy them. Was wondering how many albums were actually available vs not available

    Daniel Tyson

    I literally have not seen this happen. I basically just searched in Google Music and was able to play anything in the Google Music catalogue. Has anyone else had issues?

    Mark McLeod

    Just did some more checking trying to find items from my play store home page. No ministry of sound, so fresh dance 2013 and that’s just to start.

    Shaun Brown

    Where are the Million of Songs. I think I have more purchased. I managed to sign up but still don’t see anything near the volume they say.


    “All Access”. Oh, except artists like AC/DC, Def Leppard, …


    Thats my problem with all the streaming services. They only carry a subset of my music interests.


    It would seem google does not want my money. Cannot find any way to sign up in the app, when I go to Play and click on “try All Access” it sends me to the app. FML.


    Same here. Guess they didn’t bother testing this.

    Mark McLeod

    I had to sign up on my PC through the music player. I couldn’t do it on my phone

    Mahmoud Baghdadi

    Guys, any news on the gift cards?

    I can see that there’s a button on the sidebar that says “redeem gift card”!

    Are we able to use the USA gift cards here in Australia?


    I’m also eager to hear about this. I remember reading somewhere that US ones will not work so be careful.

    Mahmoud Baghdadi

    Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚


    And there was much rejoicing πŸ™‚


    I use MOG cause the data is free with Telstra!

    Daniel F

    Over the last couple of weeks there have been some good albums selling cheap on the play store so I have been purchasing music from them. As soon as the notification came through this morning I hit subscribe ! Hopefully this will be a great service.

    Andrew Palozzo

    I signed up back when it launched using a US proxy.. I freaken love this service. Could never go back to buying / downloading music the old fashioned way. This is the future no question in my mind.

    Alexei Watson

    I’ve activated stuff through proxies for plenty of things before, but it just would not work for me with music, I gave up trying.. glad they released this so quickly for us! Already impressed with the ‘radio’ suggestions.

    Now all we have left is wallet I think? oh and TV series

    Andrew Palozzo

    Yup.. instant radio is really impressive. Might even be my most favorite feature…