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This morning, there was a bit of a tease released from the team behind the popular ROM Cyanogen Mod. The tweet teased something new called ´Nemesis´.

The link is to a YouTube video which has streams of words, starting with Ńothing is Perfect. : Check it out and watch for the shot of a phone lock screen at around the 0:13 mark. There is literally no further information about what Nemesis is or could be but the speculation is rife on the Cyanogen Mod Google+ page ranging from forking Android(?) to a new branch of Cyanogen Mod and a couple of people have raised the possibility of a Cyanogen Mod phone.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: CyanogenMod.
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    CM phone imo. Wishful thinking maybe… but Geeksphone have a ubuntu phone so why not a CM phone too?


    Very interesting! But look at Jolla, Tizen, MeeGo.

    The market wants uniformity across devices. This will only work if it is Android compatible.

    Trent Hill

    IF Nemesis is the codename for an official CM phone, it would be 100% android compatible, it is android under the hood after all.
    They have no need to fork it to do so, just ship their version, with their mods and provide updates and support; same as any other manufacturer.
    I don’t think it’s a good idea (it’s a community driven project after all, not a business) as what does this get them compared to the nexus line of handsets?
    Bragging rights and support headaches.