Chrome Beta
For those of you operating on the Chrome Beta channel on ChromeOS, there is an update rolling out slowly to all Chrome devices. The update takes your device to Chrome Beta 29.0.1537.32 (Platform version: 4319.32.0). As well as bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements here are some of the features you´ll see :

  • Kernel 3.8 landed on Pixel and Samsung 550.
  • New “immersive” mode – hit the fullscreen button to hide the toolbar and shelf and until you hover at the top for a more immersive browsing experience.
  • Pin apps to the shelf using Drag and Drop from the Launcher.
  • Consumer Kiosk Mode allows you to build your own Chrome OS powered kiosk.
  • Default wallpaper selection will sync across all your devices.
  • Monitor Scaling allows you to scale the UI.
  • Two-finger history navigation.
  • App launcher Search just got cleverer.
    • It will dynamically learn what you search for.
    • Apps are more prominent.
    • It will search within the web store if no matching app is installed.

The Immersive mode is pretty cool, allowing you to see just the webpage, no toolbar, no launcher, nothing, it´s great for presentations and more.

As usual if there are any issues with any of the updates or releases report them by filing a bug report, which you can do here.

To ensure your device is up to date, open your browser and go to the Chrome Menu > Settings > Click Help > Click ‘More Info’ and then wait for the all clear that you’re up to date.

Source: Chromereleases.