A few weeks ago, we reported that Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo was working on tool for the HTC One that would let you switch between the AOSP interface and HTC’s Sense interface with the press of a button. Well, good news! The utility, known as MoDaCo.SWITCH is now available as a public beta over on the MoDaCo website, and runs as a layer atop the MoDaCo custom ROM.

The best thing about MoDaCo.SWITCH is that data is shared between the two ROMS you have installed on your device, so not only do you not have to worry about flashing a new ROM whenever you get the craving for a different UI, all your applications and data will be waiting for you when you boot up.

As SWITCH is still in a beta stage, it may have some unexpected quirks, which can be minimised by following the installation instructions precisely. S-OFF is not required, but it is recommended, and it’s worth noting that the ROM comes unrooted, but an optional root package is provided on the website as well.

For Galaxy S 4 owners, fear not – a version of SWITCH is coming for your device too. At the moment, it’s part of an IndieGoGo campaign, and for just £10, you get early access to the beta in August, plus a MoDaCo Silver account, which gives you access to the famous MoDaCo ROM kitchen.

Download MoDaCo.SWITCH for the HTC One here.

Source: MoDaCo.
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Sean Royce

The things developers do these days are amazing. I’ll never not be impressed by the things these people do in their spare time.