Kogan Prices Aug

Earlier this year we reviewed Kogan Mobile and found it to be reasonably good value for money. That becomes a little less so from the 1st of August, as Kogan Mobile plan to implement a price increase, the new pricing table can be found here.

The 2GB per 30 days data only plan will see a price increase of 50% from $9.99 per month up to $14.99 per month. Access 30 is increasing by 34% to $39 per month, Access 90 by 25% to $99 and the Access 365 by 10% to $329. You can take advantage of the current pricing by purchasing the pack now, but once that pack expires you’ll be subject to the new pricing.

If you’re a current Kogan Mobile user you may want reassess whether you are still getting the best value based on your usage. Aldi Mobile and Boost also utilise the Telstra (wholesale) network and are very reasonably priced.

How do you find Kogan’s coverage and service? Will you move elsewhere based on the new pricing?

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    with the price rise these plans are not good anymore. i regret switching to kogan . after my credit
    expires im switching to another company.
    also their customer service line are not real people just answering machines so useless


    I agree with Chris this price hike is too much, now they are comparable to others and no longer better value, 30 day Aldi is $35 basically the same (5GB not 6GB). They are trying to encourage people to take out a 1 year commitment (have to wonder why). A 10% increase across all plans would have been more acceptable.


    Price rise is too much. boost is 40 a month for basically the same service I belive. Bye Kogan.


    I’m regretting switching to Kogan less than 2 months ago now. I was previously on a grandfathered Live Connected plan for $11/mo (with 1.5 GB – but I didn’t need more data than that). I switched hoping for better speeds and coverage from the Telstra network but I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Probably not worth the extra $18 and definitely not worth the extra $28 now. I just had a look at Aldi and Boost but I don’t think it’s worth that much extra just for the Telstra network. I think I’ll go back to an Optus reseller… Read more ยป

    vijay alapati

    I am using aldi from 3 months, Initially they are giving unlimited package for $35 + $10 credit for international calls, But now they stopped it and didnt event update the site, i recharged and called them, they told me its no longer valid and they agreed that they havent updated the site yet, Thats a Ripoff ๐Ÿ™


    Fair traiding. They have to honour it as they have advertised it on their website. If they don’t update it it is their problem.

    Justin Flynn

    Vaya is doing good stuff and they use Optue 4g as well!


    Good call. Their unlimited talk/text plan + 3GB for $36 looks very good.

    vijay alapati

    why not aldi for $35 unlimited talk/text plan + 5GB 0_o


    Yes, if you don’t need 4g, Aldi is better value.

    vijay alapati

    oops, now i’m looking into it :p


    Actually Boost uses the Telstra Next G network, rather than the Telstra wholesale network that Kogan and Aldi use.

    Alexei Watson

    This, I’ve speedtested over 20Mbps on boost.


    I’m trying to compare it to Aldimobile. That’s $35 a month for 5 gig, but I think you have to initially buy a $15 annual Pay-as-you-go contract with that. I think.


    From memory you do have to buy the 15$ plan, but that 15$ is discounted against the cost of the monthly plan (i.e. you pay 20$ for the first month)

    No One

    What is the point to have 6GB data a month but then only can use 400MB a day?

    Trent Hill

    As a Kogan customer, I find this annoying too, but to be fair 6 gig averaged across a month is ~ 200meg a day.
    So to use more than 400meg in a day, you’d have to be using double the daily average.
    Unless you’re sitting there hitting youtube, that’s not going to happen.


    Say u were downloading Fifa 12 and u needed to use 1 gb and most days u use less than 100mb…6gb should be 6 gb regardless. No daily allocation bs

    Benjamin Dobell

    Google Kogan vs. ispONE.


    Yep. Just got that email too. Sucks. Still a good deal, just not an amazing deal anymore.


    ^^ This. My first instinct was to jump ship, but they still provide the best value for me. Just not awesome value as it was before.


    But it does leave that sour taste.
    I signed up two accounts because it was a great deal. I have two other accounts in my family. A $39 Amaysim that I was planning to move over, and an Optus contract. Now it isn’t an obvious decision. I’ll be looking around.

    If this was a proper Optus or Telstra contract, this would be a serious issue.