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Well it looks like the first Android smartphone player in the Asian markets has bitten the dust, with news out of South Korea yesterday that NEC will shut down it’s struggling smartphone business.

Of course this comes as no surprise as CNet reported that NEC had been trying to sell its struggling smartphone business to the market without any real potential buyers wishing to snap it up, except for Lenovo which was reported as having interest in purchasing the business, but that talks eventually stalled and then broke down.

NEC’s mobile phone business suffered an operating loss of 9 billion Yen last quarter according to Reuters.

For all those wondering if this includes the tablet business, NEC has stated that the shutdown will not affect the tablet business and that the shutdown only applies to the smartphone business.

So what do you think of NEC decision to shutdown its smartphone business? Are you upset that they are closing? If you have owned an NEC device, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Android PoliceReuters.
Via: C Net.
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    I never knew they made smartphones! would have checked it out if they did. I guess that’s one of the reasons they had to give it up


    You guys should do a review of one! ๐Ÿ™‚


    I didn’t know they made smartphones, which is probably one reason they went bust.


    NEC makes smartphones?? Who knew?

    demon rob

    does NEC make anything anymore?
    many years since they were relevant to anything.


    Sorry, hit the down vote button instead of reply! Anyway, NEC’s first smartphone was released in 2011, so they were behind from the start and never really caught up. They mainly concentrated on flip phones, and just didn’t see the rise of the smartphone until it was too late.


    NEC is a Japanese company not South Korean.


    The article never said NEC was South Korean. And the fact it says the loss was some 9b Yen also points to it being Japanese.


    The article dose say , with news out of South Korea yesterday that NEC will shut down itโ€™s struggling smartphone business `