Google Play Gift Cards 7-Eleven

Last week we ran a competition to give away some Google Play Store Gift Cards, to celebrate their arrival in Australia (finally!) We’ve received some interesting entries, but we thought these best captured the essence of why these cards are great, and why people have been holding out for their arrival.

Our winners, selected by our editorial team, are below:

  • Jenifur Charne wins the $50 gift card with this entry:
    “CoPilot Live Premium AUS + NZ It is the only GPS app I’ve found which generates intelligent routes. Too expensive for a pensioner pedestrian. $34.99AUD”

  • Peter Cupitt wins the $30 gift card with this entry:
    “Both my Grandkids have tablets which I want to be able to stock with cool stuff for kids …… AND maybe some “Pop” music for me?”

  • Michael Willers wins the $20 gift card with this entry:
    “Over an hour travelling by train to Uni I’ve always wanted Minecraft to ease cold, early morning treks but students’ budget doesn’t allow for luxuries. “

Congratulations to our winners. We’ll be in touch shortly with your prizes 🙂

Keep an eye out, we’re going to have a few more things to give away soon! Amongst these things might be a Pebble Smart Watch. Stay tuned…

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    Hey, I am at work doing a 12 hr Night Shift And I had to search for something and actually stumbled across the news. YAY for ME !!!! (OH, and the Kidlettes too)
    Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.


    Thanks very much for the competition Ausdroid. I never expected at all to be a winner. I described CoPilot as creating intelligent routes as it was the only free GPS app I found that generated routes which locals would use to get to and from places. I tried Google Maps Navigation, Ndrive 10(LG Optimus One pre-installed), Garmin Navigator, and GiPiES. None of those 4 could manage that task, and only CoPilot could. So I’ve been thinking of getting the paid version of CoPilot for use if I go on any trips, but $35 for a limited use app is money… Read more »