While all the news this morning has been about the new Google-Nestle partnership for Android version 4.4 being named KitKat a little tidbit “accidentally” released by Google nearly slid under the radar.

In a promotional video showing the unveiling of the giant KitKat Android statue on the Google lawn a Googler can be seen taking a picture of the event with an as-yet unknown phone.  While it was only a quick glimpse the still in the photo above shows the phone has the Nexus branding on the back of it and from what we know of Nexus phones the back is not a match to any that have been released so far.  This leads us to believe that this is the  next Nexus device, the Nexus 5 possibly.  The back appears to be following the design of the back for the 2013 Nexus 7 with a matte finish and nexus written horizontally.

It wouldn’t be the first time Google have given us a glimpse of a future Nexus product in a promotional video.  Earlier this year in a Hangouts promotional video Google gave a glimpse of the, at the time, upcoming Nexus 7.  This leads me to speculate that is it far from accidental.  It’s Google leaking a small glimpse of things to come.

Google have since pulled the video but we will be scouring the ends of the internet to find it for you.

Update: The Verge has obtained a copy of the video:

Do you like the look of this Nexus phone?  Does it whet your whistle and have you opening your wallet to throw money at Google for it?


Source: The Verge.
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For the sake of my wallet, I have limited myself to purchasing *every
other* Nexus phone… I already have a Nexus 4, and before that I
had a Nexus S… Sorry Google, I’ll be waiting for the Nexus 6
(or whatever it’s going to be called)!


Planned leak imo. Considering they are potentially several big unveils over next 2 weeks, Google probably just wants to remind us that they got something in store


This looks to have an LG logo on bottom of phone


Looks sort of like an Xperia Z in my opinion


Maybe Sony will be doing the new Nexus? I hope so


Or could it not just be a case?


that’s far too boring an explanation. Don’t ruin our buzz 😀


Nooooo it’s too big! :'(

David Anderton

I’m more dissapointed in the fact that Google is supporting one of the most evil food companies in the world.

David Anderton

wow funny I get vote downs for this


I am in agreeance with this.


Monsanto is owned by Nestle?

David Anderton

looks like my response to the negative comments was removed which is also dissapointing. Why would you delete it Ausdroid?


We didn’t. You posted a URL in your comment, which automatically flagged it as spam. Now you know.


no worries, so will it soon be shown?

Chay MacTavish

That looks huge… I’m know that ‘Nexus 5’ is mostly because it’s the 5th phone (And also not the actual name), but I hope it’s not actually 5″. Hopefully when it’s announced (if it is 5″) the Nexus 4 will still be available and I might snap one of those up instead.


Yep that’s my last hope remaining otherwise I might be stuck with my Nexus S four yet another year 🙁

Chay MacTavish

Yikes, I’m on Galaxy Nexus, and that is starting to show it’s age. Lets hope stock doesn’t run out…


It’s gonna be a 5.2″.
That image chops out the lady next to him who is carrying a Nexus 4.
It’s a bigger phone. Which is fine by me.

Adam Sacco

Maybe we’ll get both? An updated Nexus 4 with LTE and better specs, and a Nexus 5 for those that like gigantor phones.

Asking too much?


i currently have a lenovo phone with a five inch screen, and had a nexus 4 before it snapped into ten pieces (that thing was way, way too slippery!) – and the nexus felt tiny. bring on a 5 inch handset! i will pay all the money for it!

Adam Sacco

Looks pretty huge… hope it’s just the angle.

Was hoping for a Nexus 4 (2013) rather than a Nexus 5 – my Nexus 4 is about as big as I want to go.


It does look rather large. It also seems to share a lot of design aspects of the 2013 Nexus 7. The camera looks similar in design (a large circular camera module), ‘nexus’ spelled in landscape and possibly even the same soft touch texture on the back? Can’t tell from the photo, but that could be the case.

Either way, I suspect Google pulled it once news got out the new Nexus was shown on it.

I hope the guy in the picture holding the phone doesn’t get in trouble haha.


The guy who published the vid is in bigger trouble,


Nah. Marketing games.


“Nexus 7 Mini” 😉


I’d be pretty confident this whole thing is a deliberate leak from Google, right down to pulling the video from YouTube to generate increased interest.